Jenni Hinchliff

Mom of three....Bipolar...married to a we are not part of an epidemic! One teenage bipolar..One 10 year old presenting signs of OCD...One 7 year old who gets angry... Fun lots of fun! I detest self help books the blather on and on..I have been to countless child rearing and therapy classes with and without my beloved "monkey's". I am trying to reach out and hear from other Moms unafraid of the lame stigmatism that goes with mental disease.

My Bipolar Life Begins....

Jenni with an EyeI was going on almost five days...I couldn't stop my mouth from tripping over words and being excited about all I had to tell the therapist.I just couldn't get my shaky chest and racing thoughts in control. She gently put her hand up and said "Jennifer..Stop." She said I was...more