There's too much pressure to compress myself into a bio!  Eek!

Okay... I'm a city girl, now transplanted into the sticks of Iowa.  I have 3 boybarians ages 8, 6 and 5.  Usually, I blog about mommy stuff, photography, education, home school, boys, living in the middle of nowhere, coffee cravings.  I blog over at Life With My 3 Boybarians - www.lifewithmy3boybarians.com. 

 I'm also a graphic designer and can be found over at www.graphicallydesigning.com.  There, I do blog makeovers and banners, buttons and blog-wear.

 I love being a boy mom, I stalk them like paparazzi with my camera, I call myself a scrapbooker, but gracious - who has time?!