I am a Navy Wife, Veteran, Mother of two, and a student. I live a pretty busy lifestyle.  I do love the travelling and seeing different places. I love to read and when I have time write poems and work on some stories. I have two wonderful daughters, Victoria how is 5 yrs old, and Samantha just turned 1 yr. I've been married since July 3rd, 2003. My husband is in the Navy, we met when I was still active duty. Transitioning from active duty servicemember to stay at home mom, has been an adventure in itself.

Valentine's Day, Special Day or Farce

Is it a real special day or is it a farce so stores can profit? Stores have been staging for this holiday since January. Red and white everywhere as well as heart shaped chocolate boxes. For some, it may be special if you have a significant other to spend it with. Others that do not, just hate spending the day alone. No admirers, no flowers, left with the emotion that no one really cares. Well, not everyone. I used to hate spending the holiday on my own in my single days. No flowers to show off and no chocolates to enjoy....more

Finding the Perfect Puppy

Every child at one point in there life begs for a pet. Mainly, for a puppy. What do they look for in a puppy? What are their requirements. White all over, black spots, brown face, or pointy ears. It is absolutely adorable to watch a child sleep in their own bed, This is only because the dog is sleeping next to the bed protecting from the "monsters" in the closet. A child riding her bike outside with her dog; confident that her protecctor would keep any strangers away. Recently, I wrote a little short story about a little boy....more

Thank you for your comment. You offer a wonderful suggestion. I shall try to write another story ...more

Baby Weight

It is true what they say. For every kid you gain 10-15lbs. Well that was the case for me. My goal this new year is to try and lose it. Trust me I'm not trying to fit in skinny jeans, just want to be fit. To be healthy. Out with the Mcdonalds, in with chicken salad. Being a busy mom I'm always looking for the quick meals. This year I will plan meals accordingly. I have 2 beautiful daughters. With my first pregnancy I gained 30lbs after birth. It took me 3 yrs to finally lose it. My youngest was born a year ago. After giving birth to her, I am 20lbs from my goal....more

Want to track my progress? Follow me on my personal journey to accomplish my goal. Check out my ...more

Reconnecting with Family

In this day in age there is so much technology. There is the social media, internet, video games, and tv. This technology tends to get addicting to some. Sometimes one tends to get lost. My goal this holiday season in to reconnect with my family. Ok, so we live in the same house. But being in the same house sometimes is not enough. Also, that does not actually mean that we are spending time together just because we are home at the same time. I could be in the kitchen or on the internet, my husband watching tv, and my daughter in her room watching tv....more

When you grow up

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? How long did it take you to decide on a major? I'm still trying to figure out my path. Up to a few months ago, I realized that I like to write or have something to do with books. Since I was little I've always had a passion for reading. Though, I always excelled in my previous employments, books are my passion. I wrote my first children's story and my daughter loves it. She enjoyed it so much that she "wrote" her own book. I've asked my daughter what she wants to be when she gets bigger....more

In the life of a Military Wife

            Getting ready to move, again. This time next year we’ll be somewhere else in the world. Where? Don’t know, but I would love to go overseas. I enjoy the travel, seeing different places and cultures. The hard part is the packing, leaving your friends behind, and making new ones. Having to explain to the kids that you are moving because of daddy’s job....more

That was kind of the spirit in which I meant it. I appreciate your response, I wished you had ...more

To cook or not to cook, that is the question...

Every busy mom struggles with this question. To cook or not to cook? To be totally honest, I didn't even learn to cook until I got married. My poor husband. The torture I put him thru tasting the food. Now he tells me that the food used to burn his lips with all the salt that was added. Oops, sorry.   Nobody wants to spend their evenings in the kitchen. I say experiment with what you have. For those, like me that are still learning, there is nothing wrong with that....more

Every Mom goes through the nightly stress of "what's for dinner?".

If YOUR Mom or Grandma ...more

A Poem about Body Image

This is a poem I put together about the perception of body image and plastic surgery. Superficial Body in the shape of an hourglass. Decisions as undpredictable as the Rohtang pass. Eyes green as the moss, Lips covered with so much lipgloss. Slowly walking down the street, trying not to bounce, with a need to adjust. Having left the doctor's office with a treat....more