Pamela Braun

I'm just a nerdy girl at heart. I work in online ventures and cook to keep my creative side sated. I have fun mashing up these 2, seemingly, disjointed worlds and I think it shows.

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No Milk No Problem – Easy Bread Pudding Recipe

Send to Kindle An easy bread pudding recipe. Isn’t that kind of a DUH thing to write? Is bread pudding ever complicated? ...more

Crispy Lemon Asparagus

Send to Kindle I love to re-create a restaurant dish at home, don’t you? I mean, if you can make a $12 side dish at home, for pennies, don’t you do a little happy dance? I do! ...more

Dante’s Inferno Pickled Peppers

Send to Kindle In just a short time, 3 years to be (almost) exact, I went from sweet little Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers to describe my light and tangy pickled banana peppers. I have since turned to quoting Dante’s Inferno, “They yearn for what they fear for.”...more

Your New July 4th Picnic Salsa – Dill Pickle Salsa

Send to Kindle Move over tomato salsa…there’s a new dip for your tortilla chips to be a delivery system for – dill pickle salsa! Yeah, you read that right – dill pickle salsa. Scrunch your nose up all you want, but once you try this stuff, you’re going to be hooked ....more

Deliciously Simple Grilled Vegetable Recipe

Send to Kindle Did you ever wish you had someone that knew all your likes and dislikes (we’re talking food here), things you’re trying to avoid (again…food), things you’d like to include more of in your diet and then just tell you what to make when you asked? Well, now there is. It’s not actually a some one, but a some thing ....more

Gluten Free Miso Peanut Butter Cookies

Send to Kindle While oatmeal raisin cookies are my #1 favorite cookie of all time…my #2 (and a very close second) is the peanut butter cookie. I also don’t usually go for any shenanigans with the peanut butter cookie. Just the classic please ....more

3 Ingredient Natural Sweetener Strawberry Sorbet

Send to Kindle Remember that date syrup recipe I posted last week? If you do, you also remember that I promised to share a strawberry sorbet recipe, that uses the date syrup as its sweetener. Well, as promised…here’s that delicious strawberry sorbet recipe ....more

Spicy Summer Sangria

Send to Kindle I like sangria. I won’t go so far as to say that I LOVE sangria though. The stuff I’ve had in the past has usually been made with some pretty bad wine, is tooth achingly sweet or just flat out reminds me of the hairy buffalo parties we had back in college though ....more

Make Your Own Natural Sweeteners – Date Syrup

Send to Kindle With all the talk about natural sweeteners lately I thought I’d share a recipe with you that I got from a chef a couple of years ago. This date syrup is one of the easiest natural sweeteners you can actually make at home. The thing I love about date syrup is that you can use it in or on just about anything you currently use sweetener in ....more

Bananas Brulee with a Tropical Habeñero Syrup

Send to Kindle We’re all familiar with creme brulee, right? That rich and creamy dessert topped with that crunchy glass like topping of burnt sugar. YUM! ...more