Dorothea Coelho


I'm Gonna Wash That Girl Right Outta My Hair

One summer day on Cape Cod I had a flash of brilliant inspiration to change my appearance and change my humdrum high school life. The thought process was as follows. If I cut off my long, naturally wavy tresses and embraced hair gels and mousses and permanent pouting, I could move to New York and be a famous model....more

Vote Early and Vote Often

Hey Blogher Kiddos, Here is a link to my blog My Mommy Bites. I have just been nominated for Top 25 Funny Mom Blogs by Circle of Moms. Please come visit and vote for my blog to keep me in the running for a free salad and a $5 Starbuck's Gift Card and I'll buy you a latte next time I see you! Click on the below link to vote and scroll down to  My Mommy Bites is the link to my blog directly and come check it out.

Vote for My Mommy Bites and I'll buy you a chocolate shake!

My Mommy Bites just got nominated for the top 25 Funny Mom blogs on Circle of Moms. Please take a moment and click on the link and vote for a mother who bites off more than she can chew! The voting ends MARCH 23RD and you can vote ONCE EVERYDAY until then on Twitter (mymommybites) and Facebook and the computer thingy you use. for the support and all the great readers at Blogher! You are all a swatch in a great quilt of cool! Dotty...more

Oh Frankie, Just Relax


It's My Family And I'll Stop If I Want To

How do I say this without coming across as a shrill, judgmental wack-a-do who should learn to rise above the fray and just move on up? I am not sure there is even a way so I will simply proceed and be done with it.   Last week and last month and last year I was lucky enough to be graced with the concerns of a few other parents who felt that they truly needed to express their opinions on my decision and my husband’s decision to only have one child.  ...more

Red Rover, Red Rover You Cannot Come Over

The school year has begun, the car pool is upon us, the kids are fighting on the playground and the golden rules are in place. The onslaught of school birthday parties, otherwise known as the great weekend time killer, has arrived with much fanfare and political correctness....more

Mr. Sandman Bring Me A Dream

The hardest thing about being a parent has to be the sleep deprivation, the fear of sleep deprivation and the before and after affects of sleep deprivation. I have spent the last three and a half years in a perpetual state of anxiety regarding how and when I will catch up on my sleep and how best to sleep when catching up on this sleep....more

Krazy Glue For You

Dorothea CoelhoThroughout this two-week weep-a-palooza at Casa De Cohen I have eaten lots of powered doughnuts, consumed a WASPy yet acceptable amount of Hendrick’s gin, swallowed a reasonable collection of pain go away pills, made two vats of Bolognese sauce and chugged lots of snotty root beer while marveling with tears in my eyes at how oddly clean our house is now that a large, beautiful pooch is not leaving large fur balls in and around every corner.  ...more

Farm Fresh and Fancy

What the fudge stick is wrong with me that I have never in my entire life gone to a real farm, a real dirt-covered, tractor-pulling farm and picked my own vegetables and fondled my own fruit and eaten my beneficial bounty the very same day?...more