Leslie Grimmett

I'm Leslie Grimmett.  I'm a thirty-something wife to Dave and mother to Julia, Lucy, Phoebe and Jackson. We all live in a big white house in Ohio with an ebullient dog and far too many cats.  I do stuff and take care of things.  I've been blogging at My Mommy's Place since 2006.

My Blogs

Life and Death: Haunted by a Squirrel

Yesterday, on the drive to piano class, Julia and I were taking notice of everything Fall. Piles of leaves. Pumpkins on porches. "Mom, look at that scarecrow!" "Aw, that's cute. Hey! Look at those squirrels. They're chasing each other." And just like that, they ran out into the road. The chase narrowly escaped an oncoming car, but the chaser, unfortunately, didn't. I sucked in a sharp breath and clapped my hand over my mouth. ...more
I think you are such a good mommy! And Julia better watch her backseat driving...or her teenage ...more