Nancy, Wardrobe Wizard

Nancy, "Wardrobe Wizard," Personal Image Consultant, Has your size or shape changed? 

I am a baby boomer, and I was trained by Color 1, as a Personal Image Consultant.  

For over twenty years I have been helping women whose shape or size has changed and who have lots of clothes but not much to wear.

 I teach women how to go shopping in their own closet before buying anything new. 

After a woman works with me, she will have a wallet of 40 -50 of her best shades of color, line drawings of her best styles and an understanding of how to put together her own best looks.

I can work with you, no matter where you live because I am now able to do color and face and body shape analysis online.

If you are located in the Baltimore-Washington area, I can work with you in person  /  My blog "Dressing for Comfort, Confidence & Style can be found on my website. (on upper left button (blog 4) :

you can reach me at or 410-513-9496



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Nancy, Wardrobe Wizard, Color 1, Personal Image Consultant, Dressing for Comfort, Confidence & Style,

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