Nan Hickman

Nan Hickman offers innovative and strategic technology leadership for competitive environments. Nan has worked with large and small companies to develop strategy and architecture in new mobile and web technologies. Nan contributed articles to seven professional journals, acted as technical editor on a book on XML development, and spoken at professional conferences and corporations about new technology. She is writing the upcoming book, “Open Strategies for Enterprises," produced by FutureText publishing. Contact Nan at or

Windows Phone 7: Can it Rise?

Is it possible that Windows Phone 7 can take a competitive slice of the smartphone market - now dominated by iPhone, Android, and Blackberry? It’s possible, but Microsoft will need to do a full court press. The first thing to consider is: are there people out there who are not fully committed to a smartphone experience?...more

This is What Success Looks Like

Ada Lady Ada day rolls around once a year and reminds us to think about Ada’s contributions to technology and women in technology. I took a pledge to blog, celebrating the day....more

The Future is Liquid and I Want It - Exciting Devices

From Nan Hickman's blog: The Japanese are living our future. At CEATEC, the annual Japan high tech show, they tease us with it. Take a look at the Fujitsu concept phone from CEATEC 2009: the Ameboa. It looks like a piece of crystal and changes its display to a keyboard to an internet browser to controls. There are buttons on four sides of the phone to change modes. ...more