New Years In Vietnam

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great time ushering in the new year and have had time to recover. Personally, I slept through it.I know! How boring can I get?I really have no excuse other than we had a long day of traveling in Vietnam and I just could not keep my eyes open until midnight.See what I mean? B-O-R-I-N-G.OK, so not the Vietnam part but definitely my snoring through New Years Eve.Did I say snoring?  Ummm, I meant, silently sleeping with perhaps just a whisper of a sigh. ;)There was absolutely no snoring....more

He Gets It from Me

I’m a bit anal about certain things. The cookies on the cookie sheet have to line up properly. I like them to cool in neat little rows. And don’t you dare take one out of the middle of the cooling rack without at least replacing it so they stay orderly! I used to label things, but I got teased a lot so I stopped doing it. I can’t explain it, I just like some things a certain way....more
I like your son already! Wow, a little boy who folds his laundry and sorts his toys, I'm ...more

That's it! I hate my freaking oven!

(excuse me while I vent for a doesn't last long, I promise)There. I said it and I don't care who knows it.I am so over the whole "we're in Singapore and I'll get used to it" novelty.I swear that thing has a mind of it's own and it's sole purpose in life is to screw with me....more

Thanks to Skype

Thanksgiving is coming up and I'm feeling a little out of sorts.After 17 years of living in Montreal, where they celebrate Thanksgiving on a Monday in early October, you'd think I would have gotten over the whole American Thanksgiving thing by now.Oddly, not so much.Even now that we are in Singapore, and perhaps even more so because we are so far from family and home, I want the Thanksgiving of my youth again in a big way.I want to do the shopping with my mom, going to each store making sure we have what we need to make everybody's favorite dishes....more