Tracy Zeorian

I am a third generation custom harvester. My husband and I have four daughters and one son (in law). We load our combine up in May and head for Texas to harvest the wheat as it ripens northward to Montana. In 1974, my grandma asked me if I’d like to go along on harvest with her and grandpa. I would be her helper. Helper for meal preparations, laundry, grocery shopping and visiting with other harvesters. I thought, “wow, this sounds like it could be a lot of fun”. I remember thinking how much fun it would be to keep the floor of the trailer house clean. Silly thought, huh! Little did I know that decision would lead me on my life adventure! My husband was one of grandpa’s hired men – 1975 and 1976. We married in 1982. Jim was an electrician when we got married and had no thought of becoming a custom harvester. However, I believe God had a different plan for our lives. The fall of 1982, Jim spent his entire life savings on a combine. The rest is history! He went along with my Dad and Grandpa for several years without me. We had our first daughter, Jamie, in December, 1985. Jenna was born in April, 1988. I remained home with the kids secretly wishing I could be on the harvest route and craving that way of life,as well. That wish came true the summer of 1990. At that time, Jim and I made the decision to go on harvest with our one combine. Dad had decided he needed to go back to his old job to be eligible for retirement funds. Grandpa and Grandma were getting old enough that they were staying home. We bit the bullet and headed out on our own. We have been on the road every summer since. Our girls have grown up on the harvest trail - not knowing what it’s like to be home during the summer months. Jamie got married April 2011 and Jenna graduated from college in December 2010. They no longer travel with us. Taylor and Callie are still a part of our harvest crew.