I am a perfectionist who is far from perfect and I am always my own worst critic. I am frugal, not cheap!  I enjoy carbohydrates, staying fit and watching movies; ideally all at the same time.  Gymnastics is my favorite sport.  I'm a wanna be world traveler and author.  Just as soon as I finish that novel.

I blog about life, love, the pursuit of happiness, reality TV, home decor, money, shopping and anything else that pops into my head.  Everybody has a story and this is mine. I've been keeping journals and diaries since the age of 9.  Of course I have a blog.  I blog because I love to write. Always have, always will.

My Blogs

How 'Bout Some Sephora?

The sponsors: Jenny (Dancin' With A Dolly) / Rebekah (Wearable) / Cece (Pink Sunshine)Lauren (Sassy Sweetheart) / Elisa (Sammy's Fabulous Jewelry) / Stephanie (Shades Of Color Art) Some beautiful ladies have teamed up to bring you the ultimate beauty lovers giveaway. How would you like to win the Michael Kors cosmetic bag shown above and a $40 giftcard to Sephora to help you fill it?...more

I'm Ready for Retirement

This has been some kind of week; a bad one. Last week was fine. Wednesday felt like a Thursday and it flew by but this week I can't believe it's only Thursday ....more

It's All About the Writing

My weekend was so boring....more

He's Not Here But He Is

My actual Birthday turned out better then I thought it would....more

Pink Moscato and Netflix

I dropped MJ off at the airport for his flight to Germany a little over a week ago....more

My Favorite Power Foods and Healthy Snacks

I've always been a calorie counter but lately I'm trying to pay more attention to the make up of those calories.  When I don't, I come up short in protein, calcium and fiber and too high in sugars and random carbohydrates of little to no significant nutritional value.  When you focus on a calorie max AND the composition of those calories it forces you to make different decisions about what you eat.  I started this in January.  I knew I wouldn't be exercising for at least two months after surgery and thought it would be a good habit to get into.  I do not hi...more

My Power Foods and Snacks

I've always been a calorie counter but lately I'm trying to pay more attention to the make up of those calories....more

My House is a Mess

Thank goodness it's Friday....more

Spring Dresses I Had to Have

I might have gone a little crazy, but I never expected that I would find so many dresses I liked this season. I used to hate dresses, and I have a bunch of dresses in my closet I haven't even popped the tags on … but that's all changing now. Simply put, I love dresses! They can be casual. They are comfortable and easy. It's all one piece, so you don't have to coordinate a top and bottom. These spring dresses are all leggings-friendly, too, so I can wear them year round. It takes me a while to come around to certain things … but once I do, I'm all in. ...more
Spring? What's that??more

That Damn Parade

MJ suggested we spend his last day at home doing a picnic since his flight to Germany didn't leave until 8p....more