Response to Four Difficult Questions

In my timeframe of reference, i.e. 1960 onward, the way we dealt with bullying was by hiding in closets.  Over time and ever accelerating towards now, we morphed into a society encouraging of coming out.  The last ten years have been a whirlwind for those of us in the lgbtq community.  Hell, I met Denise just over a decade ago, and the difference between March 2000 and now… it’s a century later.Pause to make mac and cheese.  Back, it’s in the oven…...more
@nellewrites This were my wall comes up :) Now tell me about this adorable grandson? How cute is he?more

demise of the mega bookstore

Reading reports of a closing bookstore is a little like reading about the death of an acquaintance. It upsets, the upset driven by a stew that includes further evidence of our own mortality and reflection that maybe we weren’t quite the friend we should have been. When was the last time…?...more

I guess where it gets me is if someone is there for three hours, having a grand old time ...more

why I started writing (fiction)

It was a warm and sunny early June day. I was on an interstate, travelling southbound after leaving my therapist.  Her office is in a mid-state town with a northern reach that touches the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  With an hour long drive, my listening choices were NPR, music, or sports. On that day music prevailed. When I listen to music privately, it means my mind likely works through an issue – or fashions a story. I’ve told stories to myself my whole life....more

is probably unintentional. *wink*



the right side of wrong

I don’t know what happened to Caylee Anthony. I can speculate – as has most of the country it seems, and I would probably be wrong. What I do know is the right verdict was rendered this week, even if we all feel a tainted that there is no accounting for the loss of Caylee....more

one of our children was in her shoes. Suppose you believe your child did it. There is punishment ...more

hiding in public

Most of us who come out aren’t doing so because we wish to entertain others, because we crave attention, or because we wish to promote publication of a memoir. Most of us come out after significant personal struggle and a whole lot of soul searching. And sometimes, in the aftermath of a whole lot of damage....more

they will do a lot based on peer pressure, but as they move forward, they do begin to question ...more

Ideological double standards

Sheesh, I'm writing a political post on BlogHer, an action to which I am adverse, and all because I'm tired of people telling me Weiner is okay, 'he's done a lot for the liberal cause.'...more

Presenting my life to students

I grew up fearing oral presentations.  When assigned such a task, I sometimes skipped school and accepted a failing grade.  The school level mattered not – elementary, middle, or high school, and even college.  If required to speak in front of people, I excessively agonised and ached inside....more

It would have been nice to avoid some of it, eh, at least in the living. Since I did have to ...more

A Fallow Field for Planting

My writing and personal blogs are dormant, awaiting my next action. The problem I have is deciding what my next action will be, given the expanded choices that have exploded into existence in social media.  ...more

Oh my!

Hmmmm... that is exactly what you do, it is the right way to go, and you have the ...more

The ongoing atrocities against Native American women

When will it end? I'm one who has always been passionate about social issues that I'm made aware of. Which means a great many exist, and I roll on in all my ignorance and self emersed in my own life issues. ...more


Itching to move my blog

Over the next few months, it is my intent to establish a domain name and take my blog back. I'm hardly an expert, but know blogher is full of people who can provide cogent and pragmatic advice on how best to do this. ...more

I started with and I'm still with Blogger. I've been blogging about ...more