Nancy Hill

I've created content since at least 1990 when I started as a Mommy writer for parenting publications before the days of blogs.

Jane of All Trades 2.0

I'm a social media researcher, writer, and poet as well as a metaverse maven. I previously posted here on BlogHer as artpax from 2006 - 2010. I'm a guerilla anthropologist and semiotician who left academia and corporate culture behind in the late 1990s. 


In the 90s I decided to add the concept of cohorts within the baby boomer generation to the cultural milleaux. Divide the Boomers in half temporally and the last half of the generation is MUCH bigger than the first half.  Late Boomers were getting shafted through miscategorization.  I spent about 5 years with elists, newsletters and then websites and blogs getting the real demographic info out there to boomers and advertisers.  I was successful.  Many people were trying to overlay trademarked labels on our boomer cohort, but as a semiotic anthropologist and futurist I knew that the only thing that would stick was "rebranding" the already well established Boomer name.  Late boomer is the term used in the literature.  


Similarly I saw the earliest CODEPINK efforts to use contemporary women-based networks and modes of communication and backed their efforts in D.C., in AZ, and on the web as one of a handful of local leaders who redesigned the anti-war movement of the 20th Century into the pro-peace movement of the 21st Century. 

Blogger, BlogHer, and BoomHer

The next major effort I whole-heartedly joined in was women's blogging, through signing up with the BlogHer site/network/portal in late 2005 or early 2006.  I first attended the conf. in 2007.  I realized as did the BlogHer founders and many other aware women of the time that communication and publishing were women's venues by right and the new digital networks would change everything if women had a place to succeed through sharing their stories, dreams and strategies. 

I'm now moving from behind the scenes influencer to on the stage shaper. Project one:  I'm finishing up a book on surviving medical abuse as a child.  My mother had Munchausen Syndrome and exibited through acts on a proxy - me.  I Project two: I'm starting a platform that will include a directory of empty nesters on the web.  It is called Done Nesting.  It is part of a larger venture called BoomHer Net that focused on Boomer and GenX women "of a certain age" and will have membership gateways to specials deals and services, and advertising will be handled through internal channels.

I use  Reason Creek  as a collection point for all previous and worthy blog posts. Up and running since April of 2012.

Mature Affluent Women Like Me

Multiple aspects of my newly reconfigured online writing and publishing will continue to appeal to women of all ages who have successful completion of some stages of parenting under their bras and/or belts. 

I planned to never have children. Then in my thirties I married.  With that I became a step-mother, and eventually a mother, and now a grandmother to my step-daughter's twins.    My step-daughter is in her late-30s.  My daughter is in her early 20s.  My grandbabies are near age two. 

Life is so exciting it has blessed me with an incredibly diverse set of experiences in my 50 plus years on the planet.  I'm still 24 in my head.  Sid Vicious and I were born the same week.  Think proto-punk or proto-Gen-Xer when you think of me.  Do not confuse me with a hippie.  I was in grade school when Woodstock happened. 

I write in several nonfiction genres: culture theory, feminist action, peace journalism, humor, memoir, and occasional in your face Mom/woman-vertorials (editorial off-letting of steam.)

Endless War and Women

An overt political rant is simmering within me.  As some of you know, I spent a good chunk of my life, resources, and precious time when my daughter was in her teen years doing peace work.  I joined with CodePink Women for Peace in February of 2003 in the streets of DC and last worked with them in DC in October of 2010.  Seven years of my life were spent countering the deceit that the Bush administration promulgated to justify waging war on Iraq.  All the information that has "come out" in the last many years  was known in 2002....more

Current Measles Outbreak Tied to Anti-Immunization Sentiments

I was shocked to learn earlier this week that a measles outbreak had been identified in Texas.  I was not surprised to find that the epicenter of the outbreak was in a religious community which encouraged prayer over immunization. ...more
@Shellireads Science nerd or not, being an informed mom is a wonderful way of expressing love ...more

My BlogHer '13 Logistical Tips

I've been digging into the logistics behind BlogHer 13.  I was the security and facility manager at an anthropological  state museum here in Tucson for several years and like to know about the layout and such of places I visit. I thought I might as well share....more
I love that you included a nearby grocer and pharmacy. We almost always end up looking for one ...more

Cool Collaborators: Generation Fabulous

Women, as Apple used to say, "Think Different."  Thank heavens for that difference.  I think it might save the world....more
Thank you for writing this, Nancy. It is such a great community of women. We're so glad to have ...more

Helen Reddy Should Be Proud

During this past year we had to face that the war on women still rages,that it rages over generations and centuries, that the campaign will be a lifelong one, the battles seem to go on forever, and "the other side" sanctions the use of snipers, terrorist tactics, and limits the concept of collateral damage to fetuses.  We must not become complacent or allow our daughters and their descendants to forget the the ever so recent introduction and tenuous status of the concept of women's rights into our culture....more

HOW, Exactly, Arizona Elections Are Being Stolen

Crappola. I want to be a regular old empty nest blogger and non-political writer, but I am cursed with awareness of events and the power that single voices can have. So instead of writing about Pinterest posts that serve as #ff or Follow Friends or Follow Fridays or Friend Feed or whatever the heck it stands for, I am writing about the theft of elections in Arizona and how they are being accomplished in at least one county, Pima County....more

Gerritsen Beach children freezing in the dark

My daughter in Brooklyn writes:"I keep buying socks and dropping them at shelters, I keep texting donations to NYCares, I keep buying things off the Amazon Sandy Registry. Everyone I know has done something to help with Hurricane Relief Efforts but it is still not enough. How do we fix this? After watching twelve hours of snowfall today, this email that I got from my twins list serve is especially terrifying."Is there anyone here on BlogHer that can help these families in Gerritsen Beach?...more

Remember Malala When You Vote

We are only a few days away from barbarism at any time. Take away our thin veneer of civilization by cutting off power and the technological basis of every aspect of our very complexly orchestrated lives and the result is far too often something like we saw after Katrina. But for some, there is no need to wait for natural disaster. They want to create the same scenario through malice or ignorance, and often a blending of the two....more

My Body, My Choice

I have to get busy being political.  It is in my nature. I was hauled out of Senate Hearings for calling Rumsfeld a liar from the back of the room.  What I did yesterday was not in the same adrenaline category as the inability to contain myself in D.C. in 2006... but all little things we do have impact far beyond what we understand, so I keep plugging away when the spirit moves me....more

Brutal Arrest at Bank of America on International Womens Day

There was a protest yesterday at a bank as part of the observance of International Women's Day....more
@Nerthus Read it and sent it on to Women Occupy listserv. Thanks for doing research on how to ...more