Stephanie Nielson

My blog began in 2005.  I write daily about whatever I am doing, mostly about my five children, my husband Christian (Mr. Nielson), our love life, my struggles, my blessings and my strong Mormon faith.  

In 2008, Christian and I were in a airplane crash which killed our friend and severely burned us.  I was burned over 80% of my body and in a coma for nearly 3 1/2 months.  Since that day, I have a new sense of what life is.  What it's about and how I a going to live. 

I choose to be happy despite ongoing pain and surgeries.

I wrote a book about this which was a New York Times Best Seller in April '12.

You should read it.



I got you.

Last night I lay in bed with so many thoughts buzzing around my head. Deadlines, ideas, thoughts, responsibilities, stresses and just the physical pain I feel daily. (four new sores on my legs) I felt like I was going to cry ....more


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4th of July 2014 Day # 6- last day.

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4th of July 2014 Day # 5

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4th July 2014 Day #4

The Patriots Posse took the streets on the 4th of July eve for the 5th annual Freedom Ride. Mr. Nielson's motee was unfortunately sick and in the shop ....more

Happy 4th of July 2014

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4th of July 2014 Day #3

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4th July 2014 day #2

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4th of July week day #1

(Thanks Shauna for this sweet photo) This week is a very fun one for us. The Jones family are here for our annual 4th of July week together. Today we will take a trip to Sundance for a little hike, and of course to...more

I was very very happy

Thank you for your kind birthday wishes! I am pretty sure this year will be my best yet. I took this photo of myself because I wanted to always remember...more