Eyeballing it

Today is the last day the Nielson's will go skiing for the 2013/14 year. ...more

Wax Museum/Esther Williams

As tradition at our elementary school, each child in the 5th grade class ...more

I still love her

Remember my post yesterday about Lottie? Well today she took a permanent marker to three of my paint-by-numbers paintings. Oh, just the ones that I have been working on for five years: I cried....more

Incredibly validating

I drove to the grocery store with Lottie today. As I drove I looked at her in my rear view mirror; she was sitting in her ...more

Speaking, signing and spiffing

How was your weekend? Mr. Nielson and I drove 5 hours south with my parents to Kanab, Utah ....more

I'm outta here.

Happy Friday! Mr. Nielson and I are headed to Kanab today ....more


“Happiness was my choice, and though it is hard-won,...more

Nostalgic in Fox Hill

Let me introduce you to the mantel at Fox Hill... The mantel is pretty cool and very nostalgic for our family. ...more

A nice day for a walk and a baby.

The sun shone today with blue clouds. Perfect for an afternoon walk. I am excited for Spring.. ....more

It's Mondee

Hi. I hope you had a pleasant weekend! ...more