Oh boy.

This is happening in my life. Happy weekend! Spiritual Enlightenment HERE: Are you always mad? ...more

Treatments # 19,090

Today I had my hand lasered. It really hurts and now it feels like I have a huge red mitt for a hand. Dr ....more

My three steps for feeling better

The past few weeks I have felt discouraged....more

The afternoon I ran over Ollie's foot.

This story is equally terrifying as well as hilarious. Today I ran over Oliver's foot with my car. He was so antsy to get out of the car and he opened the door as I was...more

Wet feet

My morning routine after I hustle the children out the door is as follows: Pick up the children's dishes, load the dishwasher, wipe down the counter,...more

Slowly but surely

Wahoooooo for the weekend! What are your plans? This weekend you will find me hanging some art in Fox Hill ....more

A changed woman

This afternoon after I put Lottie down for her nap, I decided to work on my family silhouettes. I have kind of felt haunted by my pre-accident silhouette still in its frame. As I looked at my old silhouette, I kept referring to myself as "she" ....more

Mustang Ranch

While running errands with Mr. Nielson today,...more

A thought on a Tuesday

I have been thinking a lot of the people I love and appreciate in my life. People who have done something that I personally find admirable...more

Monday love

It's a new week....more