Nikki Gladd

Nikki Gladd is the creator, author and photographer of Seeded at the Table, a food and family blog.  Since 2007, Nikki shares recipes and ideas that inspire families and friends to gather for joy and community. Whether it’s a meal, a group project, road trips or game nights, Nikki believes relationships grow when making time for one another.

On Seeded at the Table, you will find easy recipes using everyday ingredients, along with family stories, house projects, favorite products and travel adventures. Come join us as we plant these seeds of life!

Nikki and her husband, Ben, are in full-time ministry and have lived all over the country, from six years in Chicago followed by two years in Southern California to where they currently reside near Jackson, Mississippi. They have a 4-year old son, Judah, and a 1-year old boy, Simon.

Interview: Michelle Obama on Let's Move, Meal Planning, and Pinterest

To celebrate the three-year anniversary of Let’s Move! -- her initiative to help raise a healthier generation of kids -- the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, visited Clinton, Mississippi as part of a two-day national tour....more
@Laine Griffin  @NikkiGladd A food blog with your son?  That's fabulous!  What is the link?more

Ham and Cheese Soft Pretzel Roll Sliders

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Thank you for sharing such an awesome pretzel roll recipe! Oh the endless possibility of ...more