Nikki Schwartz

As a Counselor Resident, I work with kids with Autism, Aspergers, and ADHD, and their parents in Virginia Beach.  We do developmental play therapy or floortime, neurofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy, and a variety of other techniques to help families function and live happier.

I love getting to work with moms of kids on the spectrum.  It is a tough job.  We want so much to offer help and empathy, however we can.  Let me know what kind of ideas you think are helpful.  What would you like to see me write about?

"Why Don't Kids Like Me, Mom?"

Monday, after school, in a fit of frustration, my son declared, "I am sick of Fremont and Clarmar. Why can't I be anyone's best friend?" I paused, knowing he can be sensitive, knowing that he had a bad day/week/month, knowing that maybe it will be better tomorrow. "What happened?" "Well, sometimes it feels like the kids are mean. They don't really want to play with me. They don't want me on their team."...more
This describes the kind of things I hear from my clients and their parents (particularly moms) ...more