Noelle Lundgren

I'm a mother of two, wife of one, former video artist, newbie knitter, and natural birth nerd.

When I'm not hanging out in libraries, cooking allergy-conscious whole foods meals, or searching thrift stores for treasure, I write my postpartum coming-of-age story on my personal blog, Noelle Aloud.

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I never thought Ivy looked much like her brother. In fact, one of the things I remember thinking when I first saw her was, "Wow, she looks nothing like Westley!"Most of the time,...more


I haven't written anything in over a month, because I've lost the recipe for making time.So many things have changed. If I don't think about it, everything feels kind of the same, like we're just chugging along, days and evenings all blurring together. When I step back and really think about it though, some differences are obvious ....more

21 Months

Yesterday Ivy bit me on the forearm so hard it sent an electric shock down into my hand. When I put her down and scolded her, she laughed at me. Then today she came running at me full-speed, crash-hugged my legs and gushed, "Love youuu!"I love her so much it hurts...and it really hurts ....more

Dailies 4/30

This picture isn't even from today, but it's the only semi-decent one of Ivy lately. Ivy, who is 20 months old now—almost 21 months—which means I just tell the people who ask, "She's almost two."She's almost two, and it was so warm out today it reminded me of the day she was born. It was positively summery, and I was so grateful ....more

Goodnight Mush

All day, I think about writing. Words and phrases bubble up in my mind that so perfectly sum up the moment, right now and I know I'll want to remember this little something when my kids are bigger. Tonight, I think, when they're in bed, I'll write about this ....more

Well, This Sucks

When Ivy turned one, I couldn't imagine weaning. The idea seemed a little crazy, actually. Despite feeling like I was saying good-bye to my (tiny, brand-new) baby when that first birthday rolled around, I couldn't imagine not nursing ....more

Like a Lagging Baby Tomato

About a month ago, I sat down to write about how I had missed writing about Valentine's Day and Ivy's half-birthday—which falls on Valentine's Day—because I had been so consumed with the busyness of boring life-stuff. I hadn't acknowledged my new favorite holiday (I don't know how it happened, but recently I've become a sucker for hearts and flowers) or my girl turning 18 months old because just being an adult is a full-time job.Ridiculous.And then came the stomach bug to end all stomach bugs. It started with Ivy ....more

Weekend War

I'm not sure how it happens, week after week. My mood or energy level doesn't seem to make a difference in how it goes—which is to say, I can have a fabulous week with the kids, getting everyone to their things on time, cooking delicious meals, roughhousing in the living room, rolling with the punches. But Saturday hits, like a truck, and by mid-afternoon, everyone is screaming at each other.I have no idea what to do about it ....more

Dailies 1/29

We are all growing up.Westley came home from school on Monday with a report card. It came in a somewhat official-looking envelope, with an official-looking letter attached to it. This is also his first week of "real" Aikido classes, where they do the same warm-ups the adults do, and train in pairs, and sit in a line (instead of holding hands in a circle) ....more

A Matter of Choice

Last fall, I was late—in the female sense of the word.My periods have been atomic-clock-regular since I was 12 years old. When the starred date on the calendar came and went with no sign of blood, I was certain something was up.For the next week and a half, I waited, worried, worry-waited. Every evening, when my period still hadn't come, Rob and I repeated the same serious conversation ....more