I'm a mom to two crazy but incredibly inspiring little girls {my noodleheads}.  I'm pretty sure I'm just like you.  I love to sew and be creative. 

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essential shorts: Make it Perfect pattern parade

A pair of shorts for me! I'm so happy Toni asked me to join in on her pattern parade. I loved her Essential Shorts when they first came out, but it was too cold in these here parts for shorts! ...more

Poolside Tote Pattern

Hi friends! It's here finally. My newest pattern the Poolside Tote is ready for all your summer sewing adventures ....more

Union St. Tee Pattern Tour

It's summer! And my closet is looking pretty empty. I have a lot of dumpy tees great for running in, but I need a few things that'll look a bit nicer ....more

birthday snappy manicure wallet

Back with another Snappy Manicure Wallet! We were planning to make pillowcases to give for birthdays, but Natalie made the executive decision to give her friend a Snappy Manicure Wallet. I had Natalie help me read off some of the cutting instructions ....more

Snappy Manicure Wallets for teachers!

These were so fun to make!!! I love small projects like this so much. Have you tried out the Snappy Manicure Wallet pattern yet? ...more

Spring Poolside Tote

Just wanted to first start out by saying that the Poolside Tote will be available for individual purchase on July 1st. Hopefully in just enough time to make for all your summer travels, although a Super Tote would be just as handy, just sayin. This'll be the last Poolside Tote I'll torture you with until the individual PDF will be released for sale, I promise ....more

Modern Sewciety + Teaching + Summer

Hi all! Hope you're having some fun enjoying the sunny weather! Just wanted to pop in to share a few things today ....more

black + white plaintain

The Plantain t-shirt pattern (a free pattern from Deer & Doe) had been sitting on a chair in my sewing space and I decided it needed to get done! I definitely am like my girls in that I reach for the coziest knit garment each time I open my closet. I had this stripe knit laying around and didn't have a problem cutting into it ....more

Aster Cardi

I had the pleasure of sewing up the Aster Cardigan from the Willow & Co. pattern collection. ...more

Arcadia Poolside

I'm ready for warmer weather!! ...more