Home Alone Gone Wrong

I don’t advocate young children being left home alone, but at what age is it okay to leave a child at home alone for say four hours? Does it depend on the child or should the government give clear guidelines? What would you do if an older child acted out and wanted to get you in trouble because he or she didn’t like an assigned duty, like homework, and so the child called the police and you were arrested? ...more

This child called 911 for a non-emergency. He clearly needs adult supervision if he doesn't ...more

Mothering Against the Odds: Live Well in Spite of Those Bad Statistics


My mother used to say, "An intelligent person sees what needs to be done and does it." I think ...more

Getting Oldher

Okay, it says I've been a member for three weeks, but you probably haven't noticed me because I still can't figure out how Blogher works. :-) No fault of the site, I'm sure. I must be getting old. I used to figure such things out in minutes. In any case, I'm happy to be here and heard about Blogher when one of your members, someone I don't know, mentioned me in a blog post about who she'd like to see at the Blogher Conference. I didn't see the post until after the conference. ...more

"Without Oprah's help." *smiles* I know what you mean, Beverly. We can dream that someone ...more