The Normal Male

Dr. Rod Berger is an author, speaker, and consultant. Dr. Rod has worked in education, health care, and corporate America observing the ways in which we all work together. Dr. Rod has hosted a national radio show, He Said She Said with Dr. Rod and Christie (

As I continue to explore the impact we all have on one another I am often faced with my two favorite questions:

“Who am I Protecting?”

& “What am I in Fear of?”

Often we are faced with difficult decisions in our lives. When we sit down and explore our choices, we are often left with a sinking feeling that somehow we will get in our own ways. I am dedicated to working with others to tell their stories of triumph and peril and to explore who they have been protecting ultimately and what they are in fear of that has presented their current circumstance.

I speak Nationally on issues related to male issues and specifically boys in academic settings. I work during the week as a Senior Consultant with the RCB3 Group. We specialize in Leadership Development strategies working with both individuals and groups. Everyday I am blessed with the ability to work with people on their lives and the impact they have on those that matter most to them in their environments.

Rod Berger, PsyD received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Phillips Graduate Institute and his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University. As a National Speaker/Lecturer and Author, Dr. Berger brings an energetic and passionate approach to the well being of others. Dr. Berger has worked clinically with children and adults, running therapy groups for adolescent boys and sex offenders, and provided care for children in schools through the “Safe Schools Healthy Students” program servicing Franklin Special and Williamson County School Districts and at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Dr. Berger has previous experience as an Assistant Principal at a private institution in California. He recently completed work on a book chapter addressing the clinical needs of first time fathers and their families. He is the co-host of a National talk-radio show called “He Said She Said with Dr. Rod and Christie” on NewsRadio 1510 WLAC and works as a consultant in leadership development recently working with Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management on their leadership development programs. He is a founding partner of the RCB3 Group and a devout follower of his beloved Detroit Pistons!

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