Angela Thomson

I am a stay at home mom of 3.  I am a wife to a USAF man!  I lived in Ohio till '94 when I married, North Dakota's cold winters were our home till 2001, then Alaska where our son was born till 2007, then here where we are now in the extreme heat of Las Vegas where both of our daughters have been born! 

I love the outdoors... well not so much here in the summers!  In my blog I write about anything from products that I try out, things that I purchase, family, feelings, and of course all of my trials and errors! I also love to share in all of the outings that we do here in Vegas, may it be a show, or something that we can do for free!  I have enjoyed my life, through all of the ups and downs, the good and bad times...I have become who I am!  I do have a strong faith that God will provide!

My blog name is: Not Issued Just A Military Mom.  Of all the time that my husband has been in the Air Force, he has been on 14 deployments.  I can not tell you how many training exercises or TDY's.  What I can tell you, is that it was a very different life, than the way I grew up.  We use to joke about that the military does not issue you a spouse, or a family.  This is how I decided on the first part of my name, Not Issued Just....