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Fashion/Lifestyle/Design Blogger Tanya Dempsey. Wife, mother, stylist & event journalist who used to be that girl you saw that one time,  in that scary movie, in her underwear.


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Mother Daughter Matching Dresses

Some more snapshots from a very special shoot day on Séchoir, with a very special co-star. {See the video here!} ...more

My Spring Style Video!

Click here to watch the video and shop the look! ...more

Vintage Carolina Herrera Dress

Argh... who needs a professional camera anyway? Nikon still on the fritz, the hubs snapped these iPhone shots of my outfit for a very special dinner and birthday celebration for one of his oldest friends over the weekend.It was such a fun evening.Immediately upon returning home, though.. ....more

Feb/March Looks in Review

Friends!Please, please forgive me for disappearing around these parts lately.Two reasons have me silenced a bit:1. My Nikon BROKE. It's in repairs ....more

Casual Uniform

Sometimes I find it funny that I have a closet full of things I love, yet on a casual and busy day, I tend to reach for the same pieces time and time again. Easy jeans, v-neck tee, motorcycle boots and a boyfriend blazer or sweater. I suppose a "uniform" is anything you feel most yourself in, most comfortable in, and the easiest way to explain the term "effortless." I'm pretty much obsessed with these boots and will surely wear them until they fall apart ....more

Little Moments

I captured these pictures of the first time my sweet girl ever heard her favorite music on headphones. She didn't know I was watching and my heart nearly burst from the sweetness of the moment. Her eyes and expressions, her singing aloud.. ....more

Behind The Scenes - Séchoir

I couldn't resist sharing a sneak peek of an upcoming...more

And just like that...

Things are looking up. Just got some great news regarding the new business, friends... and I am seriously on cloud 9 ....more

Going Hard + Faking a White Suit

Sorry for the silence around here, friends. We were in Florida all last week visiting family. It was such a nice and much-needed little break, but now it's back to business as usual! ...more