Maureen O'Danu

Well, hi there! I'm Maureen O'Danu. I'm a clinical social worker, therapist, writer, and social justice activist. I knit, crochet, sew (badly) cook and bake (infrequently), and garden. I am married with two sons, one grown, and one a tall and gangly teenager with energy exuding from every pore.

Every day I try to live life with enthusiasm and compassion in equal shares. I share my triumphs and struggles, and the benefits of my experiences and professional training here, as well as my enthusiasm for geek culture and reading and good television and movies.

My goal at Am I the Only One Dancing? is to create a space for you to come, giggle or ask or answer a question, read a story, or a piece of advice that lifts your day, or find and buy a really cool thing that someone out there created and that is just right to add into your life. Have a discussion in the comments. Click on the links to cool sites all over the web, or to cool stuff to buy. Your whole life is valued here, not just your serious side, or your silly side, your work life or your personal life.

Am I the Only One Dancing? asks an important question. Am I the only one thinking these things? Am I the only one feeling these things? Am I alone? Is there anyone else like me?

What do you think the answer is?

I am working toward the goal of eventually making the website my career rather than a hobby. It is monetized through ads, subscriptions (strictly voluntary —click on the Paypal subscription button on the top right to show your support) and through items sales, as well as through affiliate links. If you have an idea for a guest post, or would like to commission an article from me for your site, drop me a line at

In the next year I intend to offer several ebooks for sale on various topics. If you have a special request, please drop me a line at and I'll add it to my list.

A Filibuster for Feminism (Drama in the Texas Statehouse)

I was working on my website yesterday (doing a bunch of boring stuff y'all don't really need to know about) when someone on my Facebook page mentioned that there was a filibuster going on in the Texas state house. My first reaction was 'what is the Texas legislature doing in session'? and my second was 'why should I care'? ...more

Building a New Balance After Losing Your Job

One of the things that 'life experience' gives you is the experience of loss. We lose friends, lovers, and often, jobs. When we experience these losses, we either learn from them, or we repeat them. Job loss can be especially stressful, in part because we are trained to not acknowledge that we are mourning when we lose a job -- even a job we didn't love.  We mourn our connection to co-workers, our spending power, the sense of security a paycheck provides, the sense of status that our job title had given us....more
@kulls2 thank you. Too often we experience loss as 'the end of the world' vs. 'the end of ...more

7 Free Computer Tools Everyone Should Try

Free computer tools are the bread and butter of my technological life. When I first got my own computer, out of necessity (lack of money) I educated myself about every free tool out there, and over the years, that knowledge has expanded, and I now pay for very little in the way of security and other computer tools. ...more
I used AVG for years until it got to be a pain to update. That's when I switched to Microsoft ...more