Karen Malone Wright

The NotMom.com is the website I was looking for when I was coming to terms with the idea that I would never have a child. Now I know that 1 in 5 American women are childless by choice or by chance,  more than ever before. And when you don't have kids, you see the world differently: from how you spend your money to how you relate to family and girlfriends. Moreover, the number of women without children is at a peak in the U.K., Italy, Australia and more areas around the world.  

I began blogging in 2007, tracking my over-the-top love for the Internet at Communications Goddess.That blog is now on hiatus, perhaps forever. My business is ODYSSEY Creative Communications Consulting.

In May 2012, The NotMom.com won a bit of start-up funding from a regional program for women entprepreneurs. At BlogHer '12, I spoke on a panel  about brands and childless women bloggers.

What else?  On the Fourth of July I'll celebrate my 20th my wedding anniversary with my husband, Andrew. We live with a very smart cat, and I have the World's Cutest Goddaughter. As Lafayette said in HBO's True Blood: "Jesus and I agreed to see other people, but we're still friends."

BlogHer '12: What Childless Women Want Brands to Know

My panel at BlogHer '12 went very well and as it should be, there were lessons for the audience and panel, too. The session was sweetly named,Table for One, and it focused on the challenges of women bloggers without children to attract brand attention and strategies to turn things around....more
I also feel a little upset when the ads that are directed at women without kids it's dating ads. ...more

Geeky Girls Kick Butt...And Have Babies, Too.

See? I told you to wish Marissa Mayer good luck in her new position as CEO of Yahoo! She’s one of the smartest women in America, so she certainly knew there’d be a media storm around the two-step announcement. News 1: I have the job. News 2: I’m pregnant....more

Why Is 'Fifty Shades of Grey' So Popular? It's the Romance, Stupid.

Headlines about the steamy three-book series that begins with Fifty Shades of Grey are so ubiquitous that even women who’d never dream of reading it know all about it. The lovely secret of today is that e-readers like Kindle, Nook and tablet computers offer a level of privacy that allow even supposedly disapproving ladies to catch every OMG with no one ever the wiser.Even Saturday Night Live winked at the role e-readers have played in the book’s mega-sales. (To date, 15 consecutive weeks topping the NY Times bestseller lists and film rights reportedly sold for $5 million.)Though most readers might agree with The Washington Post‘s assessment that E.L. James’ trilogy  is “atrociously written”,  Fifty Shades is a true publishing phenom.  Who would write quasi-pornography so rich with details about BDSM (Bondage/Dominance/Sadomasochism)? A British wife and mother of two. E.L. James =  Erika Leonard. Perhaps that’s why so many reviewers credit it for creating a new literary sub genre: “mommy porn.”Pish. Ain’t nothing new about turning women on with the written word, and Moms sure ain’t the only ones sizzling now. ...more

My Blog Changed My Life, And It's Only One Year Old.

June is the essence of commencement, beginnings and fresh starts. Brand new sunny days. Brides and grooms. Graduates. I can’t remember how it came to be that I launched this site last year in June, but that simple action was definitely a commencement....more

Lessons from a Murdered Not Mom: Live Your Life

Lately my mind keeps returning to the latest "first" in my life: I'm sad to say that for the first time, someone I liked a great deal has been murdered.MURDERED.  The word belongs on the news somewhere, not my blog post about a good woman gone too soon. But, of course, the word, and my friend's name, has been on the news too much lately....more

Marilyn Monroe Left No Kids Behind. Does Anybody Care?

Every generation is convinced that their icons are too colossal, too talented,  too...well, iconic, to ever be replaced.  For Baby Boomers, there's an added dimension of, "Angelina who?"...more

Melinda Gates Wants to Know: How Have Contraceptives Changed Your Life?

The recent political "furor" about birth control surprised many American women who now realize they've been taking those options for granted.  One woman confused by the controversy is smack in the middle of it: Melinda Gates....more

What’s a Childless Woman’s Legacy? Millions of Kick-Butt Girl Scouts.

Surely you’ve noticed that Girl Scouts suddenly seem to be all over the place: front and center on Good Morning America, or prominently placed on LATimes.com. Girl Scouts are 100 years old this year. All that green doesn’t look a day over 50. The actual centennial day was March 12. ...more
Count me in the Juliette Low lover camp!more

4 Websites, 4 Great Ideas, All 4 You from BlogHer '11

One last BlogHer-related post...This time, I'm sharing websites and online services that I was introduced to during the conference, and, in my Goddess-like estimation, each one is way cool in its own right. ...more