Selena MKI

Born in the 60s.
Los Angeles is home.
Wife, sister, friend, homeowner, neighbor, cat and dog lover.
UCLA Alumna x2 ... go Bruins!
Good sense of humor! 

80s music, books, writing, gardening, arts and crafts. 

Red tape, rude people, bad drivers and bad hair days. 

My Motto: 
"Life is not in having and getting, but in being and becoming." --Matthew Arnold

The Problem with Handing Out Happy Pills

There are a few things in life that really get me going.  I guess you would call them my pet peeves.  Today I was reminded of one of them as I spent some time on Twitter connecting with my friends.One of my friends lost her husband not too long ago.  It was a devastating loss for her.  My heart and support went out to her....more
This post offends me. Doctors just do not hand meds out like candy. I am on 60mg of citalopram ...more