Compulsively Contacting Friends

Anyone who knows me can attest to this part of my personality: I compulsively contact people I'm close to. It's annoying, I'm sure, to the people I'm doing it to. It's my way of showing the people that I love that I care about them ....more

Forgive Thyself

Forgive thyself.For you are all you've got.Sure, you have family and friends.Yes, they love you.But…people are moody. And one day your friend may get mad at you. But, guess what? ...more

A Morning Ghost Story- Half and Half

I awoke suddenly. I shot up in my bed. It was morning ....more

Fight or Flight

Sleep. I'm asleep.Deep down dark in dream country.I'm wading through black water, which is quickly becoming thicker.It morphs from water to a pudding-like consistency. I'm trying to walk through it, but I can't move my legs well ....more

You are Not Broken

You are not broken.No matter what he says to you.You are whole.You are strong.Hold on.Even if it feels like no one is listening.Despite the fact that it may appear like you are alone, you are not alone.You are loved.Even if it's just you who loves you. That's enough for now.You're beautiful, even if he says you're ugly.You're strong, though he tells you you're weak.You're steady and stable, even though he tells you that you're crazy.It's not crazy to believe in being treated better.It's not insane to love yourself.You are you.He is him.You're not going to change him.But you can make your life better.You can stand up and say, I will not tolerate this.You are able to voice the word "No."You can create a new life for yourself.The world needs you.You need you.Don't give up.It's going to be okay.I'm holding you.I'm embracing you.Because I am you ....more

My Son Loves My Little Pony, but Do We Have to Call Him a Brony?

For months, I’ve been purchasing the My Little Pony figurines for my daughter, Samara, who is two-years-old. One day Ari, my five-year-old, wanted to watch a show on Netflix and he spotted the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic picture featuring six colorful ponies with enormous anime character eyes. I figured I’d give the show a try, not knowing if it would hold his attention. As it turned out, after the first episode he was hooked. “Mommy, can I hold the ponies while I watch it?” He asked. “Sure.” I said with a shrug. ...more
My son loves the show too and I know he's getting a bit self-conscious about liking it.  He's 6. ...more

The Well

I was living underground in a dark well. It was dark and cold down there. I was starving ....more

Trolls Should Take Philosophy Courses

The Internet is a funny place. I had a lot of fun writing 3-Year-Olds are Assholes. I knew from the moment I began to write this piece that varying reactions I was going to receive ....more

Sleeping With NYC

Sara Meghdari is a photographer from Iran living in NYC. Over the past couple of years, she's been working on a unique photo project. It's called "Sleeping With NYC." ...more

I Guess I Have ADHD

I guess I have ADHD. I hate labels. I don't like stigmas that follow with labels ....more