Christine Manis

My decision to begin blogging is because of the commitment I have made to myself that this is the year I will change my life. My list of resolutions include losing a ton of weight, quitting smoking, getting a divorce, changing careers and finding who I am in the process. I am determined to be sucessful at every goal. I will use this blogging site as my tool for motivation and accountability. Who Am I? I am a 35 year old mother of in Chattanooga, TN. My children are Drew who is 18, Macie who is 16, Kirsten who is 13, and Ashlin who is 12. I have been in this miserable marriage for ten years. I was married before for eight years. I eat and smoke my feelings and I do not know who I am anymore, or which direction I should take my life. What I do know is that I am tired of being the lonliest married woman I know. I am tired of being ignored, cheated on, and lied to. I am tired of being in a thankless job.I have exhausted all of my efforts trying to get my 18 year old son to do something with his life. I am tired of taking multiple showers a day because that is the spot I choose to hide and do my crying. Yes this is my life. One day at a time I will chisel at these hurdles and change my life.

The fast track toward homelessness

I have $10.77 to my name and four children to feed. My net worth was 20 more , until I realized a calculation error I had made in forgetting about the money I had put in my Gas tank days prior. I wonder if this is what the fast track to homelessness looks like. For the last two years I have robbed Peter to pay Paul. Yes, I live in a middle class home....more

Marriage 101

There is a valuable lesson I learned from my childhood. My Grandmother told me that no one could tell me when I had had enough of something, it would have to come from me. She also said when I knew that enough was enough, there would be no second guessing myself and no looking back. I invested ten years on a man who invested very little on me. I blog this as he sits next to me. It doesn't matter, he never notices me. The thing that gets me up in the mornings now is the euphoria that comes with the very thought of divorcing this man. ...more