:: Nursery - sneak peek

I love Anson's nursery. The colors. The simplicity ....more

:: Deals - gap.com

Right now, Gap.com is having an amazing sale. 40% off of regular priced items and 50% off of sale/clearanced items! It ends on the 29th (tomorrow) ....more

:: Hair - twirl curls

I've discovered this amazing makeup blog, Maskcara. Love, love, love it! Not only does she have amazing makeup tips (that I definitely need), but she also has some hair tutorials ....more

:: Refashion - girl's dress

In 2012 when I was pregnant with Anson, I found a cute tunic on clearance at H&M. I wanted to make it into a dress, so I bought two of them....more

:: Home Decorating - the girl's room

It's taken a few years to change the girls room up. From a baby nursery to a little girls room. And it's still not even how I want it to be ....more

:: New Year - goals and a free printable

About a week ago, we were finally able to write down our goals for the new year. A terrible cold that came my way, got into the way of anything and everything. But we wrote them down even if some were in their princess dresses ....more

:: A Belated Happy New Year

Oh dear. ...more

:: Christmas - christmas dresses

So I didn't make the girls' Christmas dresses this year. Surprise. Surprise ....more

:: Christmas Tradition - the christmas express

I'd been wanting to start this ever since I found it on Pinterest a few years back. Then my sister did it last year and I knew that the next Christmas it would be on the to-do list. We had the girls get ready for bedtime, but little did they know that we had blankets, bags of popcorn, hot chocolate...more

35 before 35 - #21

This year, I was able to host our first Thanksgiving and...more