I'm Katie, a 30 year old wife, physical therapist and mother of one fantastic toddler (Eli) with another boy on the way in the summer of 2014. I write about our lives, from the boring to the slightly less boring and everything in between!

Second Verse

I think I have been in a bit of denial about the impending birth of my second child. The first trimester was so long and so slow and I wanted it to go faster and now that I’m at the end, I am trying desperately to find more time. Despite the fact that I’m having another boy, things could not feel more different this time ....more


For months, I’ve referred to Eli as an “easy going” kid. We had our share of struggles the first two years (transitioning out of the Rock n Play and not sleeping through the night top the list in my mind), but for the most part, he has always been pretty mellow. We never once had a sleepless night, when he didn’t get his way he would say “sorry” and cry quietly and all these things made me very hopeful that maybe, just maybe, he was one of those anomalies who wouldn’t go through the “Terrible Twos.” And for the first few weeks of two, it appeared that way ....more

Let’s Talk About Car Seats: How to Install your Seat Correctly

I probably should’ve started with this post since proper harnessing is pretty much irrelevant if your seat isn’t installed correctly, but we’ll just live and learn here. This is long, but it’s not tough to read. I don’t think ....more

May his Memory be a Blessing

There is a Jewish phrase that is used when someone passes away that I was reminded of today. In Hebrew it is zichrono livracha but it translates to “may his/her memory be a blessing.” While my grandfather was a practicing Catholic and probably has never heard this in his life, as soon as I heard it, I knew that it was exactly the right thing for today. My grandfather passed away this afternoon, surrounded by his family ....more

Let’s Talk About Car Seats: Proper Buckling Edition

I realized this week that it’s been 2 months since I completed my courses and became a child passenger safety technician (CPST) and I really haven’t done much with it. Mostly this is because I am bohemethly pregnant, which makes it tougher than you’d think to install car seats. But I realized that being giant shouldn’t stop me from sharing the things I’ve learned that can help keep kids safe ....more

i play! you play! we all play! [Sponsored + Giveaway]

On one of the Facebook groups I belong to, people often ask questions about clothing and other important baby gear. This summer there have already been at least 5 posts inquiring about swim diapers, and the same answer kept being repeated by mom after mom: i play reusable swim diapers. I had been intending to buy a couple new swim diapers before we start swimming lessons this summer, but hadn’t gotten to it when I got an email asking if I wanted to try one of the new i play swim diapers with a matching rash guard ....more

Eat Your Heart Out, Adele Dazeem

As a pick me up from yesterday’s downer post and as an uplifting preparation before a sponsored post tomorrow, I give you Eli singing For the First Time in Forever (from Frozen). He sings like this all the time and it is the greatest thing ever. Also, part way through there’s a bird on the video that he’s singing along with and he gets distracted and starts quacking ....more


This past month has been…interesting. It’s frustrating because I can’t freely write about a lot of it in detail, which basically has me here saying that things are interesting without being able to describe how and why. The very short versions of everything is that: 1 ....more

School’s in for the Summer

When we had originally planned our move, we weren’t going to do it until July. That way I would be heading towards maternity leave right when we transitioned away from Eli’s daycare. It was a good plan right until crazy people were on our patio and our laundry detergent was being chronically stolen ....more

Face First

I don’t have a lot of parenting advice because at least 85% of the time I have zero idea what I’m doing, but please take this one piece of advice from me: Don’t let your kid fall and hit their face on cement. And if you insist upon ignoring this seriously important suggestion, then let me just recommend that you especially do not do this on a Sunday. Which is what we did yesterday ....more