Paige Wolf

Paige Wolf is a publicist, author, and green living expert who uses her media savvy and personal moxie to promote manageable eco-chic living.

Paige’s book Spit That Out! The Overly Informed Parent's Guide to Raising Children in the Age of Environmental Guilt continues to receive media outlets like national acclaim from, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, The Huffington Post, and Daily Candy.

In 2002 Paige founded Paige Wolf Media & Public Relations, which offers communications services to clients who contribute to a sustainable world and positive change. The firm is the first and only certified B Corporation public relations company in the Philadelphia area, meeting comprehensive and transparent social and environmental standards. The firm’s clients have appeared in all major media from NBC’s “The Today Show” to Vanity Fair to Entrepreneur to The New York Times.

Paige regularly appears as a green living expert on television networks including NBC10, 6ABC, MyPHL17, and CN8, and she has been featured in numerous publications, including Boho,, and She frequently speaks at green living conferences and expos and has written about green living for dozens of publications.

She is one of’s “Five Moms Who Made a Difference,” one of Circle of Mom’s “Top 25 Eco-Friendly Moms,” and one of SkinnyScoop’s “Top 25 Green Bloggers.” She is proud to be an ambassador for Healthy Child Healthy

World, Moms Clean Air Force, Stonyfield Farms, Happy Family Brands, Safer Chemicals Healthy Families, and several other sustainability and nonprofit initiatives.

Paige’s blog, “Spit That Out,” has a dedicated base of readers who want to learn more about green living tips, brands, and bargains. The blog has worked with brands including Seventh Generation, Annie’s Organic, Kashi, Patagonia,, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Unreal Candy, Honest Tea, Late July Organics, Miessence, Arganica Farm Club, and Suburban Organics.

Paige contributes posts and syndicates to,,,,, and

The Cult of Organics: Is It Worth the Extra Money?

At a playdate with a group of mothers, I once horrified an impossibly hip, young mom by telling her I refused to eat organic food because it was too expensive and that I felt I wouldn't be buying a better product. The look of shock on her face made me wonder if I had suddenly experienced a Janet Jackson-esque wardrobe malfunction. After glancing down to make sure I wasn't flashing anyone (and to check that Justin Timberlake wasn't lurking behind a bush), I tried to calmly explain my position on organic versus conventionally grown food. ...more
As the author of a book about making green parenting easier, I agree with the idea that it is ...more

Environmentalist in Oklahoma: Against the Grain

I was born and raised in rural Oklahoma, in a town of around 17,000 people. Oklahoma is known for things like rodeos, country music, the Dust Bowl, the oil and natural gas, and for being one of the reddest states, politically, in the U.S. Oklahoma is not known as being a very progressive or eco-friendly state. My Senator, Sen. Inhofe is even one of the biggest climate deniers in U.S. politics....more
Good for you for all the wonderful work you do!more

Candidate Positions on Climate Change

Hey candidates, you want my vote in November? Here it is then -- straight up -- what matters to me and my peeps: climate change and how our country will adapt and mitigate the current and future dangers we face. Equally important is how, and if, we can turn these negatives into opportunities for the United States and for our future....more
Great and well-researched post Hillary.I am terrified of Romney/Ryan winning this election as ...more

Got me some kid-induced green guilt. How about you?

"Mom! He's putting those peels in the trash!"I look and it's true. C was peeling a tangerine and his four-year-old brother was dutifully taking the peels and putting them in the trash bucket.My older son was not, as you may think, praising his younger brother for his helpfulness, he was in fact pointing out his faux pas. Tangerine peels belong in the compost bucket, not in the trash....more
Great post! This is what my book is all about: Spit That Out: The Overly Informed Parent's Guide ...more

Spit That Out!: The Overly Informed Parent's Guide to Raising Children in the Age of Environmental Guilt

Dear mommy bloggers, green bloggers, and any combination thereof! I am excited to tell you about my new book Spit That Out - The Overly Informed Parent’s Guide to Raising Children in the Age of Environmental Guilt available now on Please visit to learn more....more

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Author of Spit That Out: The Overly
Informed Parent's ...more