Humor Me Friday.

Friday. I'm always at a loss during vacation time, as to whether I look forward to Fridays or not. Fridays at our house means a lot of cleaning and cooking. The cooking part is nice, but the cleaning part is meh. Two good things about this Friday, however. 1. We get to pick Daddy up from the airport after being away for quite a while for work, and 2 ....more

TidBit Thursday.

My break from school has been quite uneventful. Which is wonderful. I have become reacquainted with the art of grocery shopping (I hadn't been in a grocery store in oh.. four months?) and the public library, (you can read for pleasure! Did you know that!?!), and the great outdoors. It's been nice, and busy with things I had left to do after the semester had ended. What have you been up to? Hopefully taking one small second to help me ...more


  The first day of May marks the first day of my four months without school. While I do have plenty of things to accomplish in these four months, blogging is very close to the top of my list.  ...more

Symptoms of Spring.

It seems as though nature has caught the spring bug. Finally! How can I tell? Well, besides the sunny days we have been thoroughly enjoying, there are flowers everywhere! Tulips, lilacs, daffodils, crocuses, and even the pesky dandelions ....more

Humor Me Friday.

Humor Me Friday is back this week! I still think 13 year olds should not be allowed to post on Facebook. I have no excuses for some things. ....more

Firmoo Giveaway!

 I'm back for now, and I will be back again tomorrow for a Humor Me Friday post! But this afternoon I have something special ....more

TidBit Thursday.

Wow. It's over!I can't believe Wednesday was my last final for this semester. It went by in a blink of an eye. I can definitely see myself saying the same thing when these four years finish. Wow. It was a wonderful semester in all honesty and like my history professor said yesterday before the final, "I hope you guys can look back to the beginning of the semester and say 'God has been good.'" Indeed I can ....more

TidBit Thursday.

Finals today. As you leave your link, please send up a prayer or good thoughts or both. It's both exciting and scary that this time next week, it will be all over. Summer, I'm ready for you! ...more

TidBit Thursday.

Finals. That's what's on my academic menu for the next week. Yes. I am very scared. But then it's over! All over! My first semester will have gone by just like that. I'm not sure that has fully sunk in yet. Speaking of things that haven't fully sunken in yet, I've been published. Yeah ....more

Trethewey House Museum.

It's Sunday and I'm craving an outfit post. However, I will have to give the same old lame excuse: School. But I finish this month! Yes, prayers, good thoughts, cookies, and warm fuzzy feelings will all be acceptable and needed this last stretch! And then four months with back to "regular" posting, and I have a bunch of great ideas. More on that on Thursday.  ...more