Darlena Cunha

  One morning, I woke up, and I had twins. Herein you will find our stories, trials, tribulations and lessons learned. Places you can go and things you can do with little ones trailing behind you.  How to be an adult after becoming a parent. Serene moments in parent life. And articles that may interest you, since everyone seems to want to tell us about how we’re doing it wrong.


The short story? I’m a 28-year-old former television news producer who is now taking care of my two-year-old twin girls. I’m starting this blog because I read something on the internet that made me angry, and I wanted to share it with you.

This is not my story

The Washington Post piece on my experiences on the threshold is garnering a lot of attention...you could say.And I'm being asked for all kinds of follow ups from news organizations, but also from people.I've been working on a book about it, one that tells not only the rest of my story, but the story of so many others, one that talks to people high and low and in between, officials and experts and anecdotal experiencers. It will give perspective not only on this recession's version of poor on every level, but give meaningful ways to get out of it.It's clearly a necessary work.I know that now because this is not my story.It's your story, and his story, and your aunt's story, and your daughter in law's story. It is everybody's story.Since the piece went wide, I have been inundated with emails, messages, tweets, phone calls ....more

Great and Unique ideas for a Tree wall decal or a Forest themed room - S Post

Almost every human being tries very hard to keep their home look more interesting and unique from others for which they keep on indulging in decorating their rooms with different styles frequently. A few people prefer to design their house with most fun things that sure to offer the room with unique eye-catching décor. Among the myriad ways to design, one of the often overlooked ways available for decorating walls is vinyl finish decals ....more

Boredom Busters: 10 Fun and Frugal Kids Summer Activities - S post

When children have little to do during summer break, it can often mean too much time spent in front of the TV and hours spent using handheld tablets or video games. Although it can be tempting to leave kids indoors to allow them to relax, it's important to plan a few activities for plenty of physical activity and mental stimulation. Instead of breaking the bank on expensive activities, there are several excursions that are affordable and easy on your wallet.1. Run Through the SprinklersYou don't need a swimming pool to cool off from the rising temperatures ....more

The State of the Thing

So, I wrote a thing that got published today by the Washington Post's Post Everything section.I've had this essay written for months. I pitched it to XOJane, Salon, Slate, Gawker, I can't even count the others. Radio silence.I never published it here because I just had this feeling that the story was one that needed to be seen (not that people don't read here, they do, but you know.) So I held it ....more

How to Make Heart-Shaped Hard Boiled Eggs - Fail Kitchen

A handy guide for all those times you just NEED to make Heart-Shaped hard boiled eggs ....more

Fail Kitchen Lineup - July

Another big month here on Fail Kitchen. I've got recipes coming out my ears. At least thirty I haven't had a chance to write out yet, and so many more we've done and are doing. Here's what's coming up:...more
"Kitchen-Aid mixers were made for high" -- amen. lolmore


Another big month here on Fail Kitchen. I've got recipes coming out my ears. At least thirty I haven't had a chance to write out yet, and so many more we've done and are doing ....more

365 Feminist Selfies: Week 26

Lots of shoulder stuff, and some outings, but all in all, life is moving right along. 6/28 Icing the old neck/back/shoulder because ouch. 6/29 I don't know ....more

The Daily Rundown of a "Stay at Home Mom"

"Men are changing minds, and women are changing diapers."Really?You, MacKay, are a turd. Time for a change.The people over at Huffington Post wanted us to detail our mornings, and then contrast that to our husband's. That, I can do ....more

What does "corporations are people" actually mean?

In light of the recent SCOTUS ruling on Hobby Lobby and other corporate giants being allowed to deny women birth control within their health coverage plans because it goes against their religious beliefs, I thought a primer on the laws surrounding corporations as people was in order....more