Anita Chu

Anita Chu, also known as pastrygirl, is the creator of Dessert First (, an award-winning blog dedicated to all things sweet. Anita was professionally trained in the pastry arts at Tante Marie’s Cooking School in San Francisco. After graduating, Anita started Dessert First to combine her passions for pastry, writing, and photography. Her weekly posts document her adventures in the kitchen through vivid descriptions and mouth-watering photos, along with recipes. Dessert First was nominated for Best Baking and Dessert Blog in Saveur’s First Annual Best Food Blog Awards in 2010. Her first cookbook, Field Guide to Cookies, was published in 2008 and her second cookbook, Field Guide to Candy, was published in 2009. Anita’s books and blog have been profiled in the New York Times, Sunset and The Washington Post, among other publications. She has contribute her writing and photography to several online and print publications, and also teaches pastry classes at Tante Marie’s. Anita is currently working on launching a new food magazine with some other passionate food bloggers.

{SF} Sweet Alchemy: Michael Recchiuti’s Chocolate Lab

A dessert cafe is probably the last place you would expect to see an Erlenmeyer flask, but it’s quite apropos at Michael Recchiuti’s Chocolate Lab ....more

{Giveaway}:Lazy Summer, Iced Tea and Peach Almond Cake

With summer’s imminent (and seemingly early) arrival, I’m looking forward to festivals, fireworks, or just long, dreamy weekend afternoons.  Now that baby Isabelle is getting older and more fun, I’m eager to take her out and about and introduce her to the joys of summer ....more

Sweet on Short Notice: Strawberry Tarragon Fools

Hey, how is it June and almost the middle of the year? Funny how having a baby completely skews your sense of time (i.e., how do entire months pass by without my realizing? ...more

{SF} The Return of Charles Chocolates

San Francisco is currently going through a chocolate renaissance – new artisan chocolate makers and chocolatiers are popping up at every food festival and in every neighborhood ....more

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! This post doesn’t have any recipes – I just really wanted to write something for Mother’s Day. So if you feel like seeing some baby pictures of me, read on… ...more

Another Year, Another Birthday: Mango Passion Fruit Cake

This last weekend was my birthday, and I have to say it was one of my most memorable ones, despite the fact that I practically forgot about it until it was upon me. I had a lot of other things on my plate like Isabelle’s red egg and ginger party, and getting ready to go back to work. However, my family didn’t forget, including Isabelle! ...more

A Red Egg and Ginger (Dessert) Party

Success! Last weekend we threw a red egg and ginger party for Isabelle! This is a Chinese tradition where the new baby is officially introduced to relatives and family friends, and the baby’s name is revealed ....more

Party Planning: Strawberries and Cream “Pocky”

Fun fact: I finally had a dream where my baby was in it. I guess it took a while for my subconscious to catch up, but I suppose now I’m a mommy through and through ....more

Strawberry and Rhubarb Scones with Vanilla Whipped Cream

Along with all the lovely growing, blooming things that herald spring is the baby in our home! Isabelle is three months today and I think she may have hit her growth spurt early. She’s a chubby bundle now! ...more

Making Do: Buttermilk Vanilla Bean Mini Cakes

The days are starting to fall into some semblance of a schedule, albeit a very flexibly-written one. For example, baby is in her best mood in the morning, which means I usually spend that time interacting and playing with her, since she’s at her most adorable and responsive ....more