3 Ways to Give Expression to What is Inside of You

“What is my one true light,” Sue Monk Kidd asks herself in response to Oprah ‘s question in a Super Soul Sunday conversation. Every woman d’une certaine age ...more

One Boomer’s Take on the Lessons from “Promises Kept”

Based on POV documentary on PBS After watching the PBS documentary American Promise, I had mixed feelings and wondered how others felt. For me it was both fascinating and emotional. The documentary covers a twelve year period in the lives of two young black boys attending the prestigious Dalton School ....more

Baby boomer generation is the ideal customer

Since people often do...more

Age is a Reality Black Boomer Bloggers Are Creating for Themselves.

Women's History Month is quickly drawing to an end but I cannot allow that to happen without alerting you to a small group of black boomer bloggers who are functioning in social media very much under the radar.  We are all women of a certain age, which means we do not define our lives by our age alone. And we are are all black Americans.  But without reading us,  you have no idea that we are alike on the surface only....more
I encourage all of you to get off the wall.more

There Are Few Limits to Public Civility- HuffPost Shares Conversation on Cockblo*king

In this millennial-driven social-media-focused world, boundaries are shifting and it seems there are few limits to public civility . I was doing my morning Twitter scan and noticed a grandparent-focused tweet with a link. I followed this link to HuffPost ....more

Container Gardening For Blooming Beginners

Guest post by Paula Penn-Nabrit ...more

Best Vegetarian Creole Gumbo: Do You Have Cooking Genes

Guest post by Sylvia Wong Lewis Cooking Genes is a blog series about family recipes and stories connected to them written by Sylvia Wong Lewis at her blog. By now, revelers have calmed down from Mardi Gras. Translated as “Fat Tuesday” from Louisiana French Creole language, this holiday, like Carnival in the Caribbean and Brazil, is actually a Catholic tradition that builds up for weeks and months to the Tuesday (3/4/14) before Ash Wednesday ....more

The SXSW Sense of Connection Brings Possible Cousins Together

There are many thousands of people in Austin, Texas...more

Gut Check: Know Your Medicine Campaign Will Keep You Healthy

A sponsored post in a campaign by BOOMboxNetwork.com on behalf ...more