The last ten pounds

If you "Googled" the phrase the last ten pounds you would get lots of hits for diets, tips, tricks, blogs of advice, etc. I am in my last ten pounds of weight loss. Do you know how many times I have been at these crossroads? A lot. There were four times in my life that I was not overweight and actually thin. From birth to 6 years of age, at ages 24-26, 34-36 and 43-44 years of age. The rest of the time I have been overweight and once maybe obese. So here I am again "last ten pounds" and I am taking my own "Putzy Patty" sweet time....more

I am now in the post holiday evaluation of self and the holidays. My challenge was to to like ...more

Why is technology so complicated Chapter 3

Okay I must be on a roll here....ranting about technology and all. Today I decided to organize myself a bit at the home office getting ready for the work week ahead. We are now in the final two months of the calendar year and it is time to clean up stuff right??? So, in the process of cleaning up addresses, bills etc. I decided to count how many accounts, websites, work identity codes and passwords I actually have. 80!!! Yes 80!!! It is mind boggling isn't it???? I feel sick now that I actually counted them. The details of these passwords is what is truly remarkable....more

Why is technology so complicated Chapter 2

Here I am again, angry at technology. Don't get me wrong I live on a computer daily and I own a cell phone. My worday life would set me back several days without the computer because all my documentation and orders go through the computer. So here is the latest. I just returned from visiting my daughter at college. We had a lovely visit. The day after I left, her cell phone screen blacked out. She went into hysteria because she couldn't text nor see who was texting her. When I arrived home 3 days later her hysteria kicked up a notch....more

Caring for the Caregivers

I've been a caregiver since I was old enough to hold my baby sister. I was told that I would be just like my Aunt Rose - who was single and a nurse. My mother saw that loving, self-assured, bossy trait in me and expected me to help her out A LOT.  By the time I was a teenager I didn't want to be "little mommy me" so I flew the coop. Lets just say, I have never been very good at being told what to do.  I thought instead I wanted to be a psychologist. My parents didn't know what to do with that one....more

My life was written on ten sheets of paper

I have a lot of interests and talents. I think I came to grips with this when I did an exercise in career analysis many years ago. I read the book "What Color is your Parachute?" a practical manual for job hunters and career changers. It's an annually revised book by Richard Bolles. The exercise I remember best was to take ten sheets of paper and write "Who Am I" on the top of each sheet. The exercise is to find out what your passions are and what you do well. At the time of the exercise I felt devoid of talents....more

Reality doesn't bite anymore

I love being a mom. I got to be a cheerleader for my kids. The love and energy I gave to them came back to me tenfold. Then they became teenagers. I gave my love and energy and it went into a black hole. What happened? They became human beings unto themselves. My hopes and dreams were not fulfilled for my kids and yes I felt like a failure. Now, let me go on to say that they are good kids, in college currently, doing well. But I am a  mom, struggling with how to separate my ego from my children's egos....more

Why is technology so complicated?

Okay. I'm trying to be technologically hip and I am failing. I've had my new vehicle for one year and I am now trying to connect my cell phone with the bluetooth features on the car. First I just tried to connect them and that seemed to work until the very last PASSKEY. I talked to my cell phone provider and they gave me the PASSKEY and still no luck. Then I wen to the car dealer and they said I have to check a website to see if my phone is compatible with the car. After two half days of looking I discovered they were compatible....more

Okay so I made an appt at the car dealer after I found out my cell phone was compatible with the ...more

Look both ways

When I was six years old I got hit by a car, actually it was a utility service truck. It was traumatic for me but also for my parents. My dad stood me and my two older brothers in front of his office and told us to cross the street together. I think my dad saw it as an act of growing up. Well, my second oldest brother darted across the street without me and my older brother. But I followed him, was hit and broke my leg and sustained a head injury from the accident. I have recovered some 45 years later BUT I am now a defensive pedestrian....more

After pondering this blog this past week, I realized that if cars, peds, and bicycles would STOP ...more

Circle the egos!

I went to an annual medical conference last week. You are there to network and connect with your peers on the same type of challenges and successes you achieve daily. I would like to liken it to making college friends; unfortunately I have found it to be a bit of a clique. So the clique has chosen you as their special guest to have a small little party. You can stay the night but you'll have to scram in the morning before the sun beams through the window shade because I don't want my "other" "real" friends to see you with me....more

I hope the 16 reads who read my post from last night understand what they read. I was really ...more

This is cheaper than therapy

Anyone who has glimpsed a few of my blogs, may be able to tell that I am coming out of a 7 year funk. It is amazing to me how much we women and human beings in general, put up with from pressures in our lives. As teenagers and young adults, we are used to juggling school,work and hormonal pressures and accept it as the norm. As we get older we don't always make adjustments to the pressures of work, family, hormonal changes; we just keep on trying to juggle everything. I'm 51 years old and I have figured out that I can't do everything....more