Jenée Libby

Edible Cville...crunchy & piquant.

Started out a transplanted-from-Pittsburgh restaurant reviewer, but quickly found there's more to Charlottesville, Virginia than its restaurants, wine, and the "Which restaurant will close next?" drama. There are stories. LOTS of stories, most of them about food. I share them on "Edible Cville…" a food blog with more than 800 Facebook fans and 2000 Twitter followers worldwide. In 2010 I was awarded "Best Local Food Blog" by C-Ville Weekly, one of two cultural arts newspapers in the area, and was honored to be named Runner-Up this year. I Tweet and Facebook every day, making sure my followers know about food events, news, humor, and reviews. I'm not a food expert, or a "foodie" or a snob. Just someone who loves to cook, eat, travel and write about it all.

Introducing myself.....

Hello everyone! I'm new to BlogHer, but not to blogging. Started 3 different blogs about a year ago as a hobby. To my astonishment one has actually garnered me some press and is on the verge of becoming lucrative! Woo hoo! And so I'm here in this GREAT community, hoping to find support and help to expand expand and expand some more. Thanks so much..... ...more

Full Pass Needed

Desperately seeking a full pass to this year's conference. Can't BELIEVE I procrastinated so much they all sold out. My excuse? I was blogging ;) Please email me if you can't use your ticket or have an extra: Thanks! ...more