Sue Kerr

Social worker by day, social media afficionado by night. Pittsburgh native who loves coffee, pets, Ledcat and sharing her fabulous LGBTQ insight.

Sue is currently a contributor to Bilerico and Huffington Post Gay Voices.

Sue runs a small social media consulting company working with non-profits and political campaigns, SueCat Social Media LLC. In 2014, she was named one of "Sixteen Social Media Mavens to Follow" by the website Pop City.  You can read more of her bio at her website "About Us" page. 

Sue and her partner live in Pittsburgh

How The #365FeministSelfie Project Prepared Me To Deal With a Hater

Several weeks ago, I stumbled across a Facebook page that was allegedly about all things Pittsburgh and funny. After a few chuckles, I discovered that humor included content that was transphobic, homophobic, sexist, racist, racist, racist and classist. I repeat racist because it was pretty appallling - especially the comments.So I blogged about it.  Content note - that link contains images that are offensive. ...more
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Six Things You Can Do To Help a Friend Struggling With Depression Have a Better Day

“But I don’t know what to say/do” is something I hear often when talking about mental health. ”I thought it would be best to just let you work it out. You know I am here.”...more

How The Selfie Transformed My World

I absolutely hate photos of me. Or I used to hate them. Now I sometimes like some of them a little bit.Like many women, I am my own worst critic about my appearance. I’m fat, ugly, crooked teeth, scar on my lip, etc, etc, etc. But the thing I’ve hated the most are my eyes....more
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She's My Partner, Not My Sidekick

One disadvantage to blogging is that I get “the glory” while Laura (Ledcat) often gets overlooked. And when I get the beat down side of a stick, she gets that, too. Unfair....more

Activist Needs Help In Her Final Days

Cathy is 61 years old. Her professional career has spanned nearly four decades in a rural community just outside of Pittsburgh. As she faces her final days with a diagnosis of end stage pancreatic cancer, she finds herself without the financial means to pay for her final expenses - a funeral, gravesite and a headstone.What Cathy does have are wonderful friends, her "family of choice" which has rallied to raise the money before Cathy passes so she can leave this world with peace of mind. ...more

Chest Pain Sent Me To The ER At The Age of 43

I have an anxiety disorder that I treat with medication and therapy skills. I'm to the point now where I rarely have a full-fledged anxiety attack, but when I do it is physically awful. My chest hurts. I feel dread and adrenaline coursing through my body. I have trouble breathing. I usually cry and I just want to run as far away from the source of my anxiety as possible. Anxiety is about fight or flight and the desire to take flight and avoid the perceived stressor is very real and primitive....more

Five Reasons I Dislike Making Resolutions

What are you currently feeling pressure to do that you don't particularly enjoy?Make resolutions. Or pick a theme, a brand, a style, a personal hashtag.There are several reasons I don't enjoy this....more

My Blog, My Partner and Me: Together Eight Years and Counting

Sunday December 29 marks the eighth anniversary of Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents. Over those 8  years, I’ve personally written between 2500 and 3000 blog posts – exact count is hard to determine due to some behind the scenes software “stuff” I can’t explain well....more

Ani DiFranco Fans, Duck Dynasty, and Racial Privilege

You either laugh, smirk or roll your eyes, but it could happen. After all, a month ago, did you think one of the most beloved icons of feminist queer music folklore, Ani DiFranco, would organize a (really expensive) retreat on a plantation? Yes, a plantation -- as in the antebellum Louisiana South....more
Whew. Talk about playing ostrich, I've just extracted my head from the sand (as opposed to ...more

Five Things I Did To Make Myself a Merry Christmas

This year, I worked hard for Christmas. Not shopping, cleaning or cooking. I worked hard on my attitude. And it paid off....more