A test said I'm an INFJ.

Pretty spot-on.

I just love the empirical.  And I'm always trying to figure out the root of things.  Why are certain colors or sounds or structures harmonious?  What's the formula?  For happiness?  For beauty? 

I love Jesus.

And the nation of Israel.

And my family.

I feel very, very, very, very much.  I soar high and fall deep. 

I have so much to learn.

I have two kids, twelve and ten, whom my husband and I educate at home.

My days are spent: shuttling children to church, ballet, and Civil Air Patrol meetings; reading any number of topics out-loud to my kids, including history, Latin, the Bible, economics, etc.; helping my kids with math, science, writing, etc.; cooking and cleaning up; feeding chickens, ducks, a cat, dogs; cleaning; weeding; landscaping; sewing; quilting; painting; photographing; reading; flirting or arguing with my husband; worrying about various peeps; praying; writing; wishing I am more than I am.

On Raising Your Grandchildren, Part One

I feel like I should start with a disclaimer: I am not a grandparent, I am not a professional counselor, and I view life through a Biblical lens. A friend of mine and I were talking the other night about some people close to each of us who are dealing with similar issues: enabling an adult child, emotional manipulation by an adult child, and raising a grandchild.  My friend and I agreed that when a grandchild is involved, everything becomes so much more complicated.  Lines are blurred.  Guilt intensifies.  And, well, everything can just end up a mess....more

ashtrays, carbs, coolers…heck, I don’t know

I’ve been drinking Yerba Mate.  I thought it would taste like a variation of some tea I’m already acquainted with.  But it does not.  It is it’s own thing.  It kind of…it kind of, to me, smells like an ashtray of old cheap cigarettes.  In a dark, dingy, windowless room with stained carpet and a nasty old man who is too old to get up from his threadbare avocado-colored recliner and force himself on me, but not too old to ...more

I’m So Ashamed


Our Modern Passover Meal

So, we are not Jewish, but find more and more that we delight in our Jewish friends’ heritage, and grab like impolite children at the grace and mercy we’ve been offered by this Messiah Yeshua.  We are such Gentiles, here below the table, looking for crumbs. Our Passover meal was lovely. Perhaps you may want to incorporate a Passover celebration into your life sometime?  I can only tell you what we did, and that God blessed our little gathering ....more

How To Deeply Enrich Your Life In One Simple Step

I simply cannot keep this shiny huge pearl of wisdom to myself.  It would be irresponsible to Mankind. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the key to making this day better, no matter what your day might look like, is to simply look at this baby burro: ...more

look at this stuffed hippo

I saw this FREE hippo plushie pattern on Pinterest last week and kept thinking about it every day until yesterday when I sewed one. ...more

We Take Frosting Very Seriously Around Here

At church today we were challenged to take our personal Bible reading to the next level.  My next level needs to be memorizing chapters or books.  I have a hard time remembering a person’s name, so this is a big challenge to me.  Any suggestions?  I thought fleetingly that it would be cool to memorize the temple measurements from Ezekiel because of the high likelihood that I will be in Israel someday and overhear a conversation among a group of ...more

absolutely nothing to see here, sorry

Walked this afternoon, filched some daffodils. Loitered a bit here and there. ...more

Swan Pin Stash

A little swan for your making pleasure: ...more

Passover: This Is the Year

Do you observe Passover? Every year around this time I start thinking, like really thinking, about Christ’s death and resurrection, but mainly his death, I guess, and the events leading up to it ....more