I am a Mommy to ten cupcakes, 14 years old and under and a devoted wife to my best friend. Ten years ago my husband answered a call from God to be a Pastor and lo and behold, I am now a Pastor's wife, striving daily to be humble and helpful with those whom God puts in my life. I serve a loving God who floods my life each and everyday with so many blessings that its hard for me not to be thankful-- even on the hardest of days. I am a homeschooling Mommy to my 13, 10, 8, 7, 6 and 5 year olds. And I am really loving it!

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Ruby Jubilee is 5!!

Ruby is now 5 and had her pony party. She is a girl who loves horsey’s. Whenever she can she’ll write in her siblings books and color in them too.Her smiles brighten our days and her laughter is bubbly and contagious ....more

Ethan plays the bass.

Tomorrow I will be posting Ruby Jubilee’s 5th birthday. She’s a wonderful little girl who is full of smiles and humor!!On a different note-- Chris took about an hour drive to the Abeka book display to order our materials for the upcoming school year. Sophia, Pearl, Ruby and Jasper all went with Daddy ....more

Tallulah is one!!

Today was a fun day. We celebrated our beautiful littleTallulah Sunshine!!From the minute she woke up, we have been singing her happy birthday through out the day. Her reaction has been to sway back and forth, smiling, clapping and singing her own version -- and we all go crazy cheering for her when she’s done.For her birthday, we decided to head to the beach ....more

Seize the Summer

Yesterday Chris and I sat down and started a new tradition in our family for the Summer. {I understand that lots of people already do something like this, but it’s new for us!}...more

sunday's sisters.


going back home today.

Every time we go on a trip, no matter how big or small, we always pray as we head out of our driveway.We pray for a safe drive, our home while we’re away, lots of fun, enjoyment of our time together, safety in the pool, no squabbles, health.....We’re headed home today and I feel really blessed. It’s not something new since I really love all my children and think the world of them. Each one being super fabulous in their own unique way ....more


It’s the 4th of July, Parker saved us pool chairs early this morning, Sophia and Pearl have already gone down to the art center and have made their ‘message in a bottle’ and Ethan is making French toast.....Yesterday Sophia made her famous blueberry pancakes which she loves and chocolate chip ones for pretty much everybody else.We did a quick swimsuit change and I applied sunscreen to 10 little and not-so little bodys. Several of the middles went to the pool ahead of us and got an early start in the pool.I love seeing my kiddos pair up on their own with one of their siblings and are best friends for the day. Jasper and Ruby stuck together and went on the slide over and over and over and over.......more

4th of July vacation continues.

We have been having a really relaxing vacation yet I’ve been making the kids participate in most of the activities our resort has to offer.The wildlife zoo show was really cool to the kids. Even the 'bigs' liked it. I ended up walking Tallulah around in her stroller outside for a little cause she just didn’t care about wild animals from the zoo.We had breakthrough with River at the pool ....more

4th of july vacation.

We are on a family vacation for the 4th of July week at one of our favorite places where there’s a pool and it’s hot. That’s all we require as a family. As it turns out, our room is a corner unit and I’m just loving it ....more

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