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Full time mom, blogger, cook & clean, creative crafty person! Enjoying sharing crafts, recipes, family ideas, and more on my blog at

With over 10 years in medical device sales behind me, I have spent the last 6 months helping work in our family business, as well as focus more on my PinkWhen blog.  I enjoy sharing new ideas and products, as well as recipes, healthy choices, and sometimes random mommy stuff.  

Make Your Own Fire-Roasted Salsa on the Grill

I am going to raise my hand right now to admit that "Yes, I am a chip and dip girl." I have a weakness for hot sauce, dips, salsas, and the more flavor, the bigger my weakness! When I found this awesome recipe for Fire-Roasted Salsa, I HAD to try it.  It doesn't take too long, and the results are CRAZY GOOD! ...more
@Karen Ballum You will love this recipe! It is REALLY good.more

Build a Fancy X Farmhouse Bench

Having built the Farmhouse Table a few weeks ago, we decided we needed to have some seating.  While we couldn't decide between benches and chairs, we ultimatley chose the benches to accomodate the kiddos while they are at such a young age....more

Earth Day Ombre Pillow

With Earth Day a little over a week away, my oldest daughter and I decided we would make something colorful in celebration for Earth Day, and something to also match her bedroom decor.  We decided to jump on the Ombre bandwagon (which my husband despises) and create this little throw pillow to add to her bed. This is a super cute pillow to make, and was ready in no time at all!  ...more

Glass Tile Pendant Tutorial

Glass Tile Pendant Tutorial with a fun Chevron print.   These glass pendants are fun and easy to make, and can be made in a few few simple steps.To see the entire tutorial, head to the, and follow this link: