Tammy Morris

Purple with a dash of red, that's me!  I'm a homeschooling SAH mom who still wants to be an artist and a rock star.  I spend my time nurturing my little jewelry business, playing taxi-driver for my boys, a teen and a tween, hanging out with my best friend/husband and volunteering at any charity that will have me.

No More Slaving Over the Hot Stove: Make Omelettes in the Oven

Every Friday night is breakfast night at our house. My family of three guys really look forward to it now that it's an established routine. I would enjoy it, too, if I didn't have to become a short-order cook every time we have anything with eggs. We're part of an egg co-op and get a LOT of eggs so most Breakfast Nights, we have eggs. Ergo, most Friday nights, I am a short-order cook. ...more
This is brilliant. Just brilliant.more