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I’m a twenty-something (OK, closer to 30 now) Portlander (Oregon, not Maine) with an overwhelming amount of interests.  I originally started blogging as an outlet for all things food, apartment dwelling, Portland roaming, and MBA pursuing.  It then morphed into a way to keep track of my 101 Things in 1,001 Days Project list. So when I decided to quit my job to spend a year traveling around the world, I thought it would be fun to just continue the journey on my blog.

Exploring Romania: Transylvania to Bucharest

It's practically Travel Tuesday around here! ...more

Hi from a Career Breaking Travel Blogger

I quit my job a year ago to travel around the world for a year. My blog, Powered by Tofu, is about traveling, cooking, living in Portland and adventure travel. "Adventures of a twenty-something Pacific Northwester who ditched her marketing job and MBA for a year-long round the world trip. Call it a quarter-life crisis or just the travel bug; either way, this blog documents the adventure." Cheers! PoweredbyTofu.com ...more