Pranada Comtois

I'm a writer and spiritual activist, passionate about embodying, and writing about, divine love: how to recognize it, awaken it, direct it and revel in it--with surprising results for one's self, family, and community. For forty years I've been  engaged in the personal cultivation of Bhakti Yoga.

I often goof off with my granddaughter; consult for non-profits and start ups; and spend time daily in mantra meditation. I'm the Managing Editor for Bacopa Literary Review.  I write about love, choice, fear and empowering woman on my blog Little Ways of Being™. Come visit me there or on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

From my heart to yours,

I Hate My Body


Testeria: Mass Male Hysteria

Meena Forgives Buddha

She sounds very wise beyond her years and must be from your guidance from teaching her compassion. more

Take the Teeth out of the Future

Be here now. Live in the Now....more

A Dog Stole My Meena's Face!

The person on the other end of the line was mumbling. I was frustrated. When I suddenly understood, I slammed down the phone."A dog bit Meena in the face," I screamed to Pavana....more

#BlueBra, There Comes a Time

Though my eyes are swollen almost shut from crying since yesterday morning, and I can barely take full breaths, due to losing a spiritual-sister and lifelong friend, I am impelled to dry tears of mourning to speak about the Women of Egypt's struggles. Though you are preparing for the holidays, please take time with me for the Women of the Middle East....more

America's Investment Toward Energy Self-Sufficiency

In September I wrote about a green technology concept for stabilizing the European economies in Survive the Next Industrial Revolution: Come from your Heart....more