Pamela Fisher

I am Pam, former closeted hearing impaired person. After spending 22 years acting as if I could hear when I couldn't, I could longer ignore my progressive hearing loss.   In April 2012, I took a chance: I got a cochlear implant, and for the first time ever, publicly revealed the extent of my profound hearing struggles.  A wife, mother, and professional on a self-acceptance mission, my story is more than just trying to hear; faced with ongoing lessons, I'm listening and learning about who I am truly meant to be.    Join my journey at

The Golden Globes

 For as long as I can remember, I've loved The Golden Globes. ...more

A Blogger's Beginning: The Start of my CI Journey

Originally posted on April 1, 2012 in Clarity Now: My Cochlear Implant Journey. It was five years ago when my son, Colin, then a toddler, described my ears as “broken.”  It was heartbreaking for me; I didn’t want him (or anyone for that matter) to see me as limited or different, and the word “broken” suggested an appearance of weakness I’ve been avoiding my whole life.  Still, I understood that for him, this was a simple explanation of my degenerative hearing impa...more