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I'm a 25 year old lady working on my PhD. Despite this, and the fact that I am a self-proclaimed geek, I cannot figure out BlogHer's profile set-up... so I will plug my blog already-- I love neologisms (bonus points if you can find the one on my blog! In fact, bonus points if you know what a neologism is!), find vitamin deficiencies and dogs with cones on their heads exceedingly comical, lack nearly all physical coordination, rely on self-deprecating humour to defuse tense situation, and have a tendency towards overanalyzing everyday situations to a ridiculous extent. I'm a tremendous stress case. I love making up stories about the people I see on the street and look inside people's windows when walking by (but just for the purposes of making my stories more informed, I swear!).

As you really are

In the psychological study of the self, there are often two competing perspectives put forth in regards to how people want to be perceived-- self-enhancement and self-verification. ...more

Shameless self-promotion! (in other words, please read me!)

Hi everyone! It still feels a little odd doing a plug, so bear with me for the moment. ...more

I just found this site and added my blog yesterday.

Queen of the Girl Geeksmore

The Reasons You Don't Want me to Serve my Country

I actually got a flyer in the mail today trying to recruit me to join the Canadian Armed Forces. It doesn't bode well for our country's national security that they are resorting to mass-mailing... particularly when people like me are the recipients. This got me to think to the many reasons why the Canadian Forces, no matter what the pretty pamphlet said, really does not want me. 1) I'm small. ...more