I am a full-time mommy, wifey and graphic designer-y. I am extremely honest about nearly all facits of my life and tell it like I see it. I'm a little bit crazy and definitely spirited. I mainly write about the hardships of parenting and my awesomely imperfect life.

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Bang Bang, Baby

Wow. What a nice long weekend that was?! I was super productive in all the wrong ways ....more

I'm So FANCY, You Already Know!

I like to think that I follow my own advice. I clearly don't. It's a really stupid idea to take your kids with you to the vet ....more

Goldfish will make you Jump, Jump

You like that title? ^^ Eh, eh? Kriss Kross, anyone? ...more

Damn Crackers

learning bad things from her mama(like how to take a silly selfie) All J wanted to do on Father's Day was to go golfing. So I sent him golfing with his buddies. It was only after he left and 20 minutes of arguing with my 3-year-old that we DO NOT HAVE STRAWBERRY YOGURT, or cereal, or really anything else to eat, that we needed to go to the grocery store.I hate taking the kids to the grocery store ....more

The Core

I have a daughter who is loud and crazy 99% of the day. She's rambunctious and in your face and intense and... I yell at her all the time to chill out ....more

Summer is HERE!

Tomorrow is Ava's last day of Kindergarten. TOMORROW!! Which means summer and swimming and popsicles and nannies (because this mama still has to work, boo hiss) ....more

Goal Accomplished

Look it! I'm getting all inspirational on you're asses.I found out a couple of weeks ago that I am going to be in an anthology, basically it's book of stories. I submitted a post that I wrote on my blog a while back when EZ was real little ....more

Washable Chalk Paint

I pin a lot of stuff on Pinterest and never actually do because that requires work and work = ...more

American Girl Heaven

My daughter is six and has three American Girl dolls. One I bought for her last year, one she bought this year with her birthday money, and one that was given to her as a loving hand-me-down. She also has an Our Generation (knock off AG) doll from Target ....more

Goin' To Get Schooled

Over the last, I don't know...year-ish? I've taken on the role of social media guru here at work. My real job that pays the bills ....more