Suzanna Letchford

I was not born with an organizing gene. I was a cluttered mess as a child and have learned ways to trick myself into organizing and to make it easier to do. Helping others get organized is my passion - it affects your health (mental and physical), weight, finances, relationships and so much more! My goal is for everyone to be proud and happy in the space they are in.

Organizing the Home

What is your biggest organizational challenge? As a Professional Organizer I always want to know what is most important to my clients and others. I would also love to help offer advice if you have any specific questions!   -Suzanna  ...more

Organizing Incoming Mail

Hello, all!I just wanted to share a quick tip with all of you for organizing - I have found it to be EXTREMELY valuable! To handle incoming mail at the office or at home, create a file box (one that will hold either a few hanging folders or manilla folders - not too large.) This box can sit on the counter or desk and should be located closest to the door and garbage can. Create files with the following titles:To PayTo Act (or To Do)PendingTo EnterTo AttendTo FileTo Read Then, use the files as follows: ...more