Purple Clover

Purple Clover is a new site for people who hate being called "baby boomers" or labeled as "generation x" (or, for that matter being called "sir" or "ma’am"). We’re young at heart, if not in age, and comfortable in our own skin, wrinkles be damned. If we were a celebrity, we’d be Juliana Margulies or George Clooney. Although we’d never say it out loud, especially in front of our kids, we are in our prime – still cool, still curious, still a little crazy. But most of all, we are real. And that’s exactly what Purple Clover will be: a destination that reflects the truth about how we live today, although we’re still a little fuzzy on how we want to live tomorrow. What’s clear is this: We still have plenty to do and plenty to enjoy and we’re hoping that we can figure out the tomorrow part together.

I Was Crazy About My Ex-Husband

I should've known I was in for an interesting time when Mark first asked me out by saying, “You don't want to go to a movie or anything, do you?” I should've known when, in the first two minutes of watching the classic mystery film “Laura,” he leaned over and whispered in my ear, “She's not really dead,” that he would show me levels of romance and irritation hitherto undreamed of. ...more
I'm laughing so hard. This was so beautifully written and so optimistic.  I wish I felt the same ...more

Trying to Protect My Son from Survivor's Guilt After His Friend Committed Suicide

When my son breaks through our front door and runs up the stairs crying in half boy, half man sobs, I just stand where I am in the living room, holding peanut butter in one hand and a book in the other. I have been cleaning up and getting my daughters ready for the evening rituals; this son was not supposed to be coming home anytime soon. Visiting from Long Beach, he was hanging out with one of his best friends for the night....more
I remember as a teen dealing with this when a friend threatened suicide. Thankfully we were able ...more

It's Been 26 Years but I'm Still a Drunk

Although it’s been 26 years since my last drink, I am no less a drunk. The passage of time does not diminish this fact. In a strange paradox known only to alcoholics, the years actually fuel the denial that whispers to us, “I really wasn’t that bad.” ...more
I loved your post!  I'm almost 4 years sober and I could relate to so much while reading.  Thank ...more

Did Your Barbies Play "The Bad Game"?

My favorite doll when I was in second grade was a soft-featured, frizzy-bunned, slightly plump version of Barbie. (She was less expensive than an actual Barbie because my mother saved money every way she could, and my toys were often cheaper versions of popular playthings.)...more
Our playmobils did this, but my best friend's parents bred purebred dogs so from what we ...more

I Was Sexually Abused At An All-Girls Summer Camp

Even now, at night when I close my eyes, I can sometimes still hear her. Footsteps crunching on the gravel path, growing louder as she nears the cabin. There’s a pause as she inhales and exhales one last drag on her Salem before crushing it out in the dirt. The screen door whines as she teases it open. Then she tiptoes across the rough wood floor to my bed, and on clear nights her body casts a shadow over mine in the moonlight. ...more
Went to girl scout camp and 4H without problems and my bros went to bot scout camp no problemsmore

About My Panic Attacks: I've Always Been a Nervous Person

From as far back as I can remember, I have been what you’d call a nervous person. Shivery poodles seem laid back in comparison....more
I have them often. I quit my job last year partly due to anxiety/panic attacks. They are awful.more

Black and White or How Our Parents Reacted to Our (Interracial) Relationship

On Good Friday of 1962, Ty and I travel from Iowa to Saginaw, Michigan, to visit his family. On the way, we hit a rib joint on 63rd and Cottage Grove, in Chicago. It’s seven o’clock at night, but up and down the street people bustle to buy groceries, clothes, toiletries. Women enter beauty parlors, men get their hair processed. “Is this safe? You and me in Chicago?” I ask, because I’m white and he is black....more

What Happened to "That Guy" from Your Past?

He was that guy. In the history of guys, he was the guy every girl has known. Some girls even marry that guy, but not many. By the time that guy gets ready to settle down, he’s no longer that guy. He’s mellower, older, a little tired. ...more
Wonderful writingmore

Not All Older Women Want to Be Cougars

I was on the F train, going from Brooklyn to a friend’s solo performance on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Usually I’d be reading, but I carried a clutch purse too small for a book or magazine. ...more
Wonderful and funny! Signed, another 50ish year old....:)more

Feeling Old Beyond Your Years

By temperament, I’ve always been elderly. As a child, I loved to visit the old ladies in our apartment building, who were unfailingly kind, always had time to play Crazy Eights with me and kept large contingents of candy in cut-glass bowls on little tables in their parlors. Sometimes my mother would let me sleep over at “Auntie Sophie’s” or “Auntie Mildred’s” apartment. The aunties would set my hair in rags before bed, and in the morning I’d go trundling off to P.S. 86 with my Beatles lunchbox and Marie Antoinette hair....more
thanks for the laugh.  Very entertaining!more