Purple Clover

Purple Clover is a new site for people who hate being called "baby boomers" or labeled as "generation x" (or, for that matter being called "sir" or "ma’am"). We’re young at heart, if not in age, and comfortable in our own skin, wrinkles be damned. If we were a celebrity, we’d be Juliana Margulies or George Clooney. Although we’d never say it out loud, especially in front of our kids, we are in our prime – still cool, still curious, still a little crazy. But most of all, we are real. And that’s exactly what Purple Clover will be: a destination that reflects the truth about how we live today, although we’re still a little fuzzy on how we want to live tomorrow. What’s clear is this: We still have plenty to do and plenty to enjoy and we’re hoping that we can figure out the tomorrow part together.

The Strip Club Wasn't What I Expected It To Be

Every time I passed the sleazy strip club with the neon “Girls Girls Girls” sign, I wanted to go in. I don’t really know why. I’m heterosexual (other than my small thing for Megan Fox). And I know it’s not politically correct to go to the strip club (I was raised with that “Free to be You and Me” album just like you were). And yet? Something was compelling me. I guess I just wanted to see me some titties, OK? ...more

I Found My Mother's Vibrator and it Changed Our Relationship

The thing about growing up as an only child is you don’t have any siblings to give you the nitty-gritty details about sex. Sure, my mom kindly presented me with an illustrated edition of “Where Did I Come From?” when I was in elementary school, but even then the booked struck me as wholesome and G-rated. To get the real dirt, I had just two options: A) Alyssa, the delinquent with flaming red hair who lived across the street; or B) HBO’s Sex and the City....more
Actually never watched a single episode or movie.more

What Happens When Mean Girls Grow Up? They Become Mean Women

Mean Girls, the hit 2004 movie starring Lindsay Lohan and written by Tina Fey, recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary with lots of fanfare. The stars posted Instagram photos, did the talk-show circuit and fueled rumors of a reunion. Numerous sites devoted space to then-and-now pictures of the cast. And of course, fans couldn’t help but speculate what the fictional “mean girls” might be up to, a decade later....more
What?!?! Seems like the author is really keeping score. If you're not close with someone, why ...more

I Dreamed of a Butch Knight

My mother lingered at the gas station up the boulevard from our apartment in Van Nuys, California. It was 1961 and I was four. “See those men?” she said to me, gesturing to a seedy bar across the street. “They’re women.” ...more
I'm attracted to butch appearing women. I don't know why. Its one of my thingsmore

Life In L.A.: Celebrities Are No Big Deal, Unless We're Talking Nicolas Cage

When you live in Los Angeles, you run into celebrities all the time. Of course, your definition of “celebrity” may differ from mine. The first month I was there, I saw the woman who’d played Mrs. Godsey on "The Waltons." She was in line at the post office. I ran back to work, beside myself. “I just saw Mrs. Godsey!” I screeched at everyone....more
Ohhhhh, can I relate... Nicolas Cage was my first celebrity sighting too -- and while I didn't ...more

Written on the Body: Tattoos Tell the Stories of My Life

When I got my first tattoo, more than fifteen years ago, they hadn’t yet become as ubiquitous as opinions (i.e., not everyone had one). Whenever I brought up wanting to get inked, I was invariably talked out of it....more
Mine tells the story of a cheap drunken night. Lol.more

I'd Have Hidden the Body For Her

I met Jo Foxworth on my first job interview after college, when I applied for a position as assistant to the president of a "vest-pocket" ad agency. That morning, I borrowed my cousin's skirt and shoes and took the Lexington Avenue train to midtown Manhattan. When I arrived, Ms. Foxworth’s assistant wondered why I was an hour early. Embarrassed, I went down the street, ordered a cappuccino and killed an hour. ...more

What I Learned at My 25th High School Reunion

If there had been a geek squad at my suburban Philadelphia high school in the late 1970s, I would have lettered varsity: editor of the school newspaper; president of the drama club; consistent earner of A's that marched in orderly columns down four years’ worth of report cards. Image Credit: danxoneil...more
Such a beautiful post, PurpleClover, thank you for sharing your story.  It resonates with ...more

I Survived Breast Cancer But I Don't Think of Myself As a Survivor

I’ve always been this weird combination of strength and fragility. At age five, I’d strip my clothes off and on until I’d found the perfect outfit, but if there was a school field trip, I’d be stricken with the vapors, unable to go.As a teen, on a reefer and sex high, I spewed defiance, while secretly swigging from the jumbo bottle of Pepto-Bismol I carried in my purse to calm my nervous gut....more
I think everybody should be able to deal with breast cancer in their own way. I forget what ...more

All I Want for Gloria Steinem's Birthday is for Young Women to Embrace Feminism

Last week, I read that feminist icon Gloria Steinem had celebrated her eightieth birthday. Then I read that certain young female celebrities — notably Shailene Woodley and Lady Gaga — had said in interviews that they were NOT feminists. Woodley said it’s “Because I love men!” Lady Gaga went further: “I hail men!” ...more
I think there are two problems.     One is that some 'feminism' are those of the vocal, pretty ...more